Vendor Information

Over 11,500 athletes compete at the Huntsman World Senior Games. This event is the largest of its kind in the world. Get in front of some of the most active, health conscious, ages 50+ customers in the nation.

During the Huntsman World Senior Games, the following locations and pricing are offered:

  1. Dixie Convention Center (Indoor) $1200
  2. Canyons Softball Complex (outdoor) $1500
  3. Little Valley Pickleball Complex (outdoor) $500
Booth Size is 10’x10’ unless otherwise noted or negotiated.


Important Dates:

First come-first served and depends on industry. For the Dixie Convention Center, we will fill booth spots 60% full and remaining applications will be placed on a waiting list. The remaining 40% is reserved for our key sponsors. To become a key sponsor, contact Lil Barron.

Required for successful submittal:

  • Valid business license
  • Proof of Insurance with Huntsman World Senior Games listed as
  • Full payment

We will notify vendors within 4-7 days of receiving their application. If a vendor is not chosen, they will receive a full refund or be given the option to be placed on the waiting list. If ultimately they are not placed, the vendor will receive a full refund. For the Dixie Convention Center, the exact location of the booth will not be determined until September 1. We will try to accommodate booth locations but exact booth locations are only guaranteed to sponsors.

The Dixie Convention Center will notify vendors of shipping requirements, additional details and move instructions.

Cancellations within 30 days 3% processing fee. After which it is a 10% processing fee up to August 1.

August 1- Last day to cancel the booth and receive a refund minus 10% processing. After August 1, booth space fees are non-refundable.

If Sponsors decide not to use booth space, these available spaces will be opened up to those on the waiting list after August 1.

Brief Description of Vendor Locations:

Dixie Convention Center:
Indoor booths, 40 booths for two weeks. 40% are reserved for key sponsors. We try to honor location requests but priority is given to sponsors. All 11,500 athletes must come through the convention center to register and most return to shop at the Games’ gift shop. Outside of the Dixie Convention Center is the location of our Friendship Festival. Athletes will also re-enter the building for bathrooms, peruse the gift shop and visit the vendors. The Dixie Convention Center is also the hub for volunteers and three sports. First week, the exhibit halls are utilized by table tennis and the second week is volleyball and rowing.

Canyons Softball Complex:
Outside booths. Seven available booths for two weeks. There are overall, three softball locations utilized during the Games. Canyons is the spoke of the wheel, where most tournaments will finish. Softball is the most popular sport with over 5,000 athletes at some point coming through the complex. Traffic ebbs and flows but by the end of the week and into the next, it is high traffic.

Little Valley Pickleball Complex:
Outside booths. Up to five booths for one Week. There are two pickleball locations with the Little Valley Pickleball complex being the main hub and where ultimately all pickleball athletes will come through.