2016 Volleyball Session Two Results

Men's 50+ - Gold  
Gold Western States Laguna  
Silver Killer Tomatos  
Bronze Nitro  
4th Dead Beats  
5th Springs Chickens  
6th Burgess  
Men's 50+ - Silver  
Gold Mexico Men's 50s  
Silver Legacy  
Bronze Green Motion  
4th Wrecking Balls  
5th Cleveland Rocks  
Men's 60+ - Gold  
Gold Kings Mountain Fog 60s  
Silver Rogue  
Bronze Arkansas Roadkill  
4th Cascadia (EventPro)  
5th Roof 60 (5)
6th Stayin Alive (Buck Athletics)  
7th Gateway Masters  
8th WD-60  
Men's 60+ - Silver  
Gold Minn. Masters 60s  
Silver Coast to Coast 60  
Bronze Grateful Digs  
4th Cross Country  
5th Smechnito 
6th Rustys 60  
7th Golden Spikes 60  
8th Hitmen  
Men's 70+ - Gold  
Gold Sun of a Beach 
Silver Outback Steakhouse 70 
Bronze Rustys 70 
4th Antiquities 70 
5th Setting Ducks 
6th Vollculus Ripped 
7th Dinosaurs 
Men's 76+ - Gold  
Gold Rustys 76 
Silver Mac Magic
Bronze Aa Adults Toy Storage 3 
4th Highlanders 
Men's 76+ - Silver 
Gold Aa Adults Toy Storage 
Silver Puget Sound 76 
Bronze Cool Mac 
4th Aa Adults Toy Storage 2 
Women's 55+ - Gold  
Gold Roof Sportswear 
Silver Haili 
Bronze Pacific Blue 
4th Yadayada 55 
5th Surf City 
6th Outsiders 
Women's 55+ - Silver  
Gold Chicaboom  
Silver Mexico Womens 55s  
Bronze Novaspace 55  
4th U Go Girl  
5th Sets in the City  
6th Who Dat 55  
Women's 55+ - Bronze  
Gold Spongebarb  
Silver Boomers (Primetime 50's)  
Bronze Turbo Chix  
4th Play Smart  
5th Not Flashes  
6th Loco Chicks  
Women's 55+ - Copper  
Gold Wired Up  
Silver Reel Hits  
Bronze Illimani-Bolivia  
4th Azteca  
5th Laguna 55  
6th Contenders  
7th Great Expectations 55  
Women's 65+ - Gold  
Gold Classics  
Silver Rhythm  
Bronze Ladybugs 65 
4th Legacy 65  
5th Friends 65  
6th Voo Doo Dolls  
7th Great Expectations 65  
8th Volleyholics  
Women's 65+ - Silver  
Gold Netchix  
Silver Hocus Focus  
Bronze Volli Hi 65+  
4th Keystone Electric  
5th Village Hotshots  
6th Colorado Gold Diggers 
7th Resets  
8th Oregon Rogues  
Women's 73+ - Gold  
Gold Alamo Stars  
Silver Gel-Out Best Friends 73  
Bronze California Golden Girls  
4th Texas Stars  
5th Ohio Tri-Stars  
6th Line Queens 2  
Women's 76+ - Gold  
Gold All Mixed Up 

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