2016 Volleyball Session One Results

Men 55+ - Gold  
Gold Kings Mountain Fog 55  
Silver USYVL Volleyguard  
Bronze Buffalo NY KAV  
4th Minnesota Masters 55's  
5th So Cal Senior  
6th Phoenix Blast  
Men 55+ - Silver  
Gold Curmudgeons  
Silver Grey Wolves  
Bronze Golden Spikes 55  
4th Outta Town Gold  
5th Close to the Edge  
6th Mile High Hops 55  
Men 65+ - Gold  
Gold Kings Mountain Fog 65  
Silver Boomers  
Bronze Amtel Michigan  
4th Living on the Edge  
5th Senior Moments  
6th Divers 65s  
7th Coots  
8th MiddleAgers  
Men 65+ - Silver  
Gold Making It Happen (E.T.)  
Silver Ameriwest  
Bronze Old Jocks  
4th Colorado Skybars  
5th Rustys 65  
6th Mac-Mayhem  
7th Flyers  
8th Aged Wisconsin Cheddar  
Men 73+ - Gold  
Gold Outback Steakhouse 73  
Silver SEC 73  
Bronze Rustys 73 
4th Aa Adults Toy Storage 73  
5th Mac Magic 73+  
6th 3rd Ward Buffalo Wings 73  
7th Highlanders 73  
Men 79+ - Gold  
Gold Rustys 79  
Silver Highlanders 79  
Bronze Aa Adults Toy Storage - Purple  
4th Spike Force 79  
5th Aa Adults Toy Storage - Red  
6th COOL  
Women 50+ - D1 Gold  
Gold Panama Jack- San Diego  
Silver Roof Sportswear  
Bronze Yadayada  
4th Care For All Ages  
5th Mexico 50  
6th Chicaboom  
7th Pacific Blues 50  
8th Serve's Up  
Women 50+ - D2 Gold  
Gold Lokahi Aloha  
Silver Great Expectations 50  
Bronze Can You Dig It  
4th Finally 50!!  
5th On Vacation  
6th Dig This  
Women 50+ - D2 Silver  
Gold Vintage  
Silver Mile High Hops 50  
Bronze Rockstars  
4th Yolo  
5th Geared Up  
6th Victorious Secret  
Women 50+ - D2 Bronze  
Gold MTV Wolfenbuettel  
Silver 5280 Legends Shinkara  
Bronze Volley Mamas  
4th VIFG (Volleyball Is For Girls)  
5th Volleygirls  
6th VB4EVER  
Women 50+ - D2 Copper  
Gold Who Dat 50  
Silver Serv-ivors  
Bronze Volleyholics 50s  
4th Laguna 50  
5th Creative Chaos  
6th California Vintage  
Women 60+ - Gold  
Gold WW Connect  
Silver Lady Grog 60  
Bronze Carpe Diem  
4th Shinkara  
5th Sleepers  
6th S & Ms  
7th Novaspace 60s  
8th Still @ It  
Women 60+ - Silver  
Gold Surf City  
Silver Insiders  
Bronze Queen City Bees  
4th Rhythm  
5th MD Au 24K  
6th Who Dat 60  
7th Volleyholics 60s  
8th Serv-Aces 60s  
Women 60+ - Bronze I  
Gold Hit Over It  
Silver Mexico 60  
Bronze Hits Happen  
4th Resets 
Women 60+ - Bronze II  
Gold Play'n with Altitude 60s  
Silver Voo Doo Dolls  
Bronze Volli Hi 60+  
4th Grape Sets  
Women 60+ - Copper  
Gold Texas Crude  
Silver Colorado Gold Diggers 60  
Bronze Oregon Rogues  
4th Simons Electric  
Women 70+ - Gold  
Gold Legacy 70  
Silver Gel-Out Best Friends 70  
Bronze Alamo Stars  
4th Whatever It Takes  
Women 70+ - Silver  
Gold Fleur De Lis  
Silver Beach Classics  
Bronze The Line Queens  
4th Calif. Golden Girls  

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