2014 Volleyball Session One Results

Session 1 (Men) – 55+ / 65+ / 73+ / 79+
Men 55+ - Gold Division

Gold, Volleyguard USYVL, Camarillo, CA
Silver, Kings Mountain Fog 55, Woodside, CA
Bronze, Minnesota Masters 55s, Lino Lake, MN
4th, Amikoj, Golden, CO
5th, North Coast Volleyball Club, Rochester, NY
6th, Elder Hostile, Gig Harbor, WA

Men 55+ - Silver Division
Gold, Event Pro, Olympia, WA
Silver, Grey Wolves, Albuquerque, NM
Bronze, Cross Country, Lampasas, TX
4th, Outta Town Gold, Phoenix, AZ
5th, Ameriwest, South Jordan, UT
6th, Curmudgeons 55, Lewisburg, PA

Men 65+ - Gold Division
Gold, Kings Mountain Fog 65, Woodside, CA
Silver, Boomers Silver, St. Paul, MN
Bronze, E. T., Chattanooga, TN
4th, Senior Moments, St. Louis, MO
5th, Grog-65, Richmond, VA
6th, Outback Steakhouse Red, Seattle, WA

Men 65+ - Silver Division
Gold, Living on the Edge, Indianapolis, IN
Silver, Old Jocks, Tucson, AZ
Bronze, Rustys, Portland, OR
4th, Abby Normals, Kansas City, KS
5th, Cleveland Vertically Challenged, Cleveland, OH
6th, Flyers, Napa, CA

Men 73+ - Gold Division
Gold, MAC Magic 73’s, Sun City Center, FL
Silver, Outback Steakhouse 73, Seattle, WA
Bronze, Rustys, Portland, OR
4th, 3rd Ward Buffalo Wings, North Tonawanda, NY
5th, Aa Adults Toy Storage Men’s 73’s, Denver, CO
6th, Highlanders, Denver, CO

Men 79+
Gold, Spike Force 79s, Wilmington, DE
Silver, Aa Adults Toy Storage 79+ Purple, Denver, CO
Bronze, Cool 79, Sylvania, OH
4th, Aa Adults Toy Storage+ Red, Denver, CO

Session 1 (Women)– 50+ / 60+ / 70+
Women 50+ - Gold Division
Gold, Roof Sportswear, Irvine, CA
Silver, Pacific Blue, Sunnyvale, CA
Bronze, Care For All Ages, Green Bay, WI
4th, Game Changers, Denver, CO
5th, Yadayada, Downey, CA
6th, Rockstars, San Diego, CA
7th, CA Vintage, Cupertino, CA
8th, Lokahi Wiki Wiki, Philadelphia, PA

Women 50+ - Silver Division
Gold, Fog Canada Masters, Calgary, AB, Canada
Silver, Chicago Style, Chicago, IL
Bronze, Can You Dig It, Huntington Beach, CA
4th, Mexico, Chihauahua, CO
5th, YOLO, St. George, UT
6th, Never 2 Old, Kansas City, MO
7th, Volleygirls, New Orleans, LA
8th, Queen City bees, Cincinnati, OH

Women 50+ - Bronze Division
Gold, Prime Time Olympia, Olympia, WA
Silver, Planet Volleywood, The Villages, FL
Bronze, Two Dinks Minimum, Denver, CO
4th, Passout, Salt Lake City, UT
5th, Pasifika Miracle Dreams, Hurricane, UT
6th, Volley Mamas, San Antonio, TX
7th, New Girls, Albuquerque, NM
8th, Creative Chaos, Boulder, CO

Women 50+ - Copper Division
Gold, 5280 Legends, Denver, CO
Silver, Air Monkeys, Brantford, ON, Canada
Bronze, Score Me, Torrance, CA
4th, Belles of the Ball, Richmond, VA
5th, Sets In The City, San Diego, CA
6th, Senior Senators, Carson City, NV
7th, Yat Pack, Metairie, LA
8th, All Heart, San Luis Obispo, CA

Women 50+ - Diamond Division
Gold, Spikedelic, Denver, CO
Silver, Illimani Bolivia, La Paz, Bolivia
Bronze, NY Nuts, Buffalo, NY

Women 60+ - Gold Division
Gold, Mavericks-60, Lake Forest, CA
Silver, WW Connect, Colorado Springs, CO
Bronze, Carpe Diem, La Mirada, CA
4th, NovaSpace 60, San Marcos, CA
5th, Shinkara, Denver, CO
6th, Rhythm, Sunset Beach, NC

Women 60+ - Silver Division
Gold, Still At It, Olympia, WA
Silver, Serv-Aces, Huntington Beach, CA
Bronze, MDAu, Greenbelt, MD
4th, Play’n with Altitude, Denver, CO
5th, Who Dat 60, New Orleans, LA
6th, Resets, Columbiaville, MI
7th, Great Expectations-60, Arlington, VA
8th, Greatest Hits, Mechanicsville, VA

Women 60+ - Bronze Division
Gold, Voo Doo Dolls, New Orleans, LA
Silver, Keystone Electric, Harrisburg, PA
Bronze, Volli Hi, Wilmington, DE
4th, Grape Sets, Napa, CA
5th, Back 4 More, Sun Prairie, WI
6th, Fla Spikers, The Villages, FL
7th, Colorado Gold Diggers, Denver, CO

Women 70+  Gold Division
Gold, Legacy 70, Nanoose Bay, BC, Canada
Silver, Nippon 70, Japan
Bronze, Alamo Stars 70’s, San Antonio, TX
4th, Texas Stars-70, Burleson, TX
5th, California Golden Girls, Orange, CA

Women 70+ Silver Division
Gold, Whatever It Takes 70+, Sterling, VA
Silver, Mavericks-70, Lake Forest, CA
Bronze, Strikers, Tucson, AZ
4th, Hits & Ms 1, Tucson, AZ

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