2012 Volleyball Session One Results

Men – 55+ / 65+ / 73+ / 80+
Men 55+ Gold Dvision
Gold, Kings Mountain Fog 55+, Hanalei, HI
Silver, Roadkill Arkansas, Conway, AR
Bronze, Curmudgeons, Lewisburg, PA

Men 55+ Silver Dvision
Gold, Cross Country 55+, Lampasas, TX
Silver, Swuditiz, San Diego, CA
Bronze, Kipper Snacks, St. Louis, MO

Other Participating Teams
Eventpro, Olympia, WA
Minnesota Masters 55+, Lino Lakes, MN
WNY Flash, Rochester, NY
NGS, Buffalo, NY

Men 65+Gold Division
Gold, Outback Steakhouse Blue, Seattle, WA
Silver, GROG-65, Richmond, VA
Bronze, Outback Steakhouse Red, Seattle, WA

Men 65+Silver Division
Gold, Abbynormals, Kansas City, KS
Silver, Dinosaurs, Chelsea, MA
Bronze, Cleveland Vertically Challenged 65+, Cleveland, OH

Other Participating Teams
Boomers 65, St. Paul, MN
SEC 65's, Nashville, TN
Great Lakes Heat, Toledo, OH
All-In NY, Corning, NY
Ohio 65's, Kettering, OH
Flyers, Napa, CA

Men 73+Gold Division
Gold, Rustys 73+, Portland, OR
Silver, Mac Magic 73's, Sun City Center, FL
Bronze, Aa Adults Toy Storage 73's, Denver, CO
4th, Highlanders 73+, Denver, CO
5th, MileHi Club, Denver, CO
6th, Buckeye Northcoast, Wadsworth, OH
7th, Puget Sound 73, Auburn, WA
8th, Chicagoland 73+, Chicago, IL

Women – 50+ / 60+ / 70+ / 73+
Women 50+Gold Division
Gold, Mavericks 50+ Just VB, Lake Forest, CA
Silver, Roof Sportswear, Irvine, CA
Bronze, Care for All Ages, Waukesha, WI

Women 50+Silver Division
Gold, Astec Systems, Harrisburg, PA
Sliver, Victorious Secret, Orem, UT
Bronze, Kiss My Pass, Thousand Oaks, CA

Women 50+Division 2 - Gold Division
Gold, Illimani Bolivia, Bolivia
Silver, Marv's Drive In, St. George, UT
Bronze, Volley Mamas, San Antonio, TX

Women 50+Division 2 - Consolation
Gold, California Vintage, San Mateo, CA
Silver, Coach Casey's Camps, Waukesha, WI
Bronze, Great Expectations 50, Arlington, VA

Other Participating Teams
Pacific Blue, Sunnyvale, CA
Shinkara 50+, Denver, CO
Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas, Clifton, NJ
TX Chili Peppers, Lampasas, TX
YaDaYaDa, Bear Valley, CA
All Heart, San Luis Obispo, CA
Spiketacular, Sarasota, FL
On Target, Albuquerque, NM
Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Buffalo, NY
Who Dat, New Orleans, LA
Berkeley Running Co, Madison, WI
Can You Dig It, Huntington Beach, CA
Reel Hits, Denver, CO
Azteca, Denver, CO
Buffalo Gals, Boulder, CO
Yattitude, New Orleans, La

Women 60+ Gold Division
Gold, Friends 60, Hemet, CA
Silver, Mavericks 60+ - Just VB, Lake Forest, CA
Bronze, Shinkara 60+, Denver, CO

Women 60+ Silver Division
Gold, Back 4 More, Madison, WI
Silver, Greatest Hits, Mechanicsville, VA
Bronze, Keystone Electric, Harrisburg, PA

Women 60+ Bronze Division
Gold, Great Expectations 60, Arlington, VA
Silver, Net Chix, Columbiaville, MI
Bronze, Passed Out, Wilmington, DE

Other Participating Teams
Legacy 60+, Nanoose Bay, BC, Canada
TX Crewd, Waxahachie, TX
Serv-Aces, Huntington Beach, CA
Playn with Altitude 60+, Denver, CO
Team Utah, South Ogden, UT
Grape Sets, Napa, CA
Dixie Volley Chicks 60+, Metairie, LA
New York Snow Flakes, Buffalo, NY
Set for Life, Las Vegas, NV
Ladies of the Court 60+, Arvada, CO
Village Hot Shots, The Villages, FL
Spikers 60+, Denver, CO

Women 70+ Gold Division
Gold, Legacy 70+ , Auburn, WA
Silver, Alamo Stars 70+ , San Antonio, TX
Bronze, California Golden Girls 70+ , Orange, CA
4th, Shinkara Colorado Signals 70 , Denver, CO
5th, Texas Kickers , Austin, TX
5th, Texas Stars, Burleson, TX
7th, Hits & Ms 70+ , Tucson, AZ

Women 75+
Gold, All Mixed up, Trenton, MI

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