2011 Volleyball Session Two Results

Men – 55+ / 65+ / 73+ / 80+

Men 55+ - Gold
Gold, Kings Mountain Fog 55+, Hanalei, HI
Silver, Road Kill Arkansas, Little Rock, AR
Bronze, WNY Flash, Rochester, NY
4th, Eventpro, Olympia, WA
5th (tie), Cryptozoic, Albuquerque, NM
5th (tie), Kipper Snacks, St. Louis, MO

Men 55+ - Silver
Gold, Cross Country 55+, Lampasas, TX
Silver, Ameriwest 55+, South Jordan, UT
Bronze, Curmudgeons 55, Lewisburg, PA
4th, Swuditiz, San Diego, CA

Men 65+ - Gold
Gold, Michigan Quicksilver, Rochester Hills, MI
Silver, Outback Steakhouse 65+, Seattle, WA
Bronze, Boomers 65s, St. Paul, MN
4th, Rustys 65+, Portland, OR
5th (tie), SEC 65’s, Nashville, FL
5th (tie), VC Bestensee, Germany

Men 65+ - Silver
Gold, Third Ward Buffalo Wings 65’s, North Tonawanda, NY
Silver, Ohio 65’s, Kettering, OH
Bronze, Cleveland Vertically Challenged 65+, Cleveland, OH
4th, Flyers, Napa, CA
5th, Dinosaurs, Chelsea, MA

Men 73+ - Gold
Gold, Mac Magic 73+, Eldorado, IL
Silver, Highlanders, Denver, CO
Bronze, Spike Force 73s, Wilmington, DE
4th, Aa Adult Toy Storage, Denver, CO

Men 73+ - Silver
Gold, Buckeye North Coast, Wadsworth, OH
Silver, Puget Sound 73’s, Auburn, WA
Bronze, Coloradans, Denver, CO
4th, Somehow, Milwaukee, WI

Women – 50+ / 60+ / 70+ / 73+

Women 50+ - Gold
Gold, Roof Sportwear, Irvine, CA
Silver, Take A Spike, Denver, CO
Bronze, Coach Casey’s Camps, Waukesha, WI
4th, Novaspace.com 50+, Tucson, AZ
5th (tie), Bracket Dance, Tucson, AZ
5th (tie), Sichuan Panda Team, China

Women 50+ - Silver
Gold, Pacific Blue, Sunnyvale, CA
Silver, Astec 50+, Harrisburg, PA
Bronze, TX Chili Peppers, Lampasas, TX
4th, Friends 50+, Denver, CO
5th (tie), Azteca, Denver, CA
5th (tie), Volley Mamas, San Antonio, TX

Women 50+ - Bronze
Gold, Illimani Bolivia, Bolivia
Silver, All Heart, San Luis Obispo, CA
Bronze, Surf City, Huntington, Beach, CA
4th, Marv’s Drive In, St. George, UT
5th (tie), Who Dats, New Orleans, LA
5th (tie), Great Expectations 50s, Arlington, VA

Women 50+ - Copper
Gold, Newfoundland Island Girls, St. John’s, NL, Canada
Silver, Team Mulligan, Clifton, NJ
Bronze, Volley Dogs, La Crescenta, CA
4th, New York Nuts, Buffalo, NY
5th (tie), Show Me Gals, Kansas City, MO
5th (tie), DragonHeads, Denver, CO

Women 60+ - Gold
Gold, Mavericks 60s, Lake Forest, CA
Silver, Friends 60+, Hemet, CA
Bronze, Tx Crewd, Waxahachie, TX
4th, Serv-Aces, Long Beach, CA
5th (tie), Great Expectations 60s, Arlington, VA
5th (tie), Team On, Tipton, MI

Women 60+ - Silver
Gold, Back 4 More, Madison, WI
Silver, Nippon 60, Japan
Bronze, Floorplay60, Kenmore, WA
4th, Seasoned Setters, Seattle, WA
5th (tie), New York Snow Flakes, Buffalo, NY
5th (tie), Dixie Volley Chicks 60+, New Orleans, LA

Women 60+ - Bronze
Gold, Net Chix, Columbiaville, MI
Silver, Where and When, Rehoboth, DE
Bronze, Spikers 60+, Denver, CO
4th, Network, Napa, CA
5th (tie), Valley Restoration Mustangs, Grants Pass, OR
5th (tie), Ladies of the Court, Denver, CO

Women 70+ - Gold
Gold, California Golden Girls 70+, Orange, CA
Silver, Nippon 70, Japan
Bronze, Shinkara Colorado Signals 70, Denver, CO
4th, Texas Stars, Burleson, TX
5th (tie), Texas Kickers, Austin, TX
5th (tie), Hits & Ms 70+, Tucson, AZ

Women 73+ - Gold
Gold, Geri Actives, Longmont, CO

Women 76+ - Gold
Gold, All Mixed Up, Northville, MI
Silver, Hemet Hot Flashes, Hemet, CA

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