2010 Volleyball Session Two Results

Men – 50+ / 60+ / 70+ / 76+

Men 50+ - Gold
Gold, Western States Laguna, Laguna Beach, CA
Silver, Adams-Maxwell, Camarillo, CA
Bronze, Harbor Heuvels, Gig Harbor, WA
4th, Gold Diggers, Rochester, NY
5th -tie, Cross Country 50+, Lampasas, TX
5th -tie, We Saw Elvis, Flagstaff, AZ

Men 50+ - Silver
Gold, Sheep Dip International, Calgary, AB, Canada
Silver, Senior Momentum, Albuquerque, NM
Bronze, Lifeboat, San Diego, CA
4th, Fifty Something, Salt Lake City, UT
5th, Ameriwest, South Jordan, UT

Men 60+ - Gold
Gold, Kings Mountain Fog 60+, Woodside, CA
Silver, Boomers 60+, St. Paul, MN
Bronze, Roof 60+, Los Angeles, CA
4th, Silverbacks, Nashville, TN
5th -tie, Sao Paulo Masters 60, Brazil
5th -tie, GROG 60+, Richmond, VA

Men 60+ - Silver
Gold, Living on the Edge, Indianapolis, IN
Silver, Desert Thunder, Tucson, AZ
Bronze, Village Elders, The Villages, FL
4th, Third Ward 60’s, North Tonawanda, NY
5th -tie, 49’ers, St. Louis, MO
5th -tie, Denver Comet Club Mgmt, Denver, CO

Men 60+ - Bronze
Gold, Outback Steakhouse 60+, Seattle, WA
Silver, Cleveland Vertically Challenged 60+, Cleveland, OH
Bronze, Michigan BSK, White Lake, MI
4th, Color Graphics, Olympia, WA
5th, SWO 60+, Dayton, OH

Men 70+ - Gold
Gold, Rustys 70+, Portland, OR
Silver, Mac Magic 70’s, Eldorado, IL
Bronze, Highlanders 70+, Denver, CO
4TH, Spike Force Seven “O”, Northfield, NJ

Men 70+ - Silver
Gold, FROGS, Phelps, NY
Silver, From All Over 70+, Minneapolis, MN
Bronze, Milehi Club 70+, Denver, CO
4th, AA Adult Toy Storage, Arvada, CO

Men 76+ - Gold
Gold, Cool 76, Sylvania, OH
Silver, Chicagoland 76+, Chicago, IL
Bronze, Beach Boys, Mission Viejo, CA
4th, Macnova 76, Sterling, VA

Women – 55+ / 65+

Women 55+ - Gold
Gold, Novaspace.com, Tucson, AZ
Silver, WW Connect, Colorado Springs, CO
Bronze, Sleepers, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
4th, Sunland Golden Girls, Sunland, CA
5th -tie, Surf City, Huntington Beach, CA
5th -tie, Friends 55’s, Denver, CO

Women 55+ - Silver
Gold, Queen City Bees, Cincinnati, OH
Silver, Spike Force Eh?,
Bronze, Texas Swing, Austin, TX
4th, VB4Fun, Olympia, WA
5th -tie, Volley Lamas, New Orleans, LA
5th -tie, Almost Toast, Frederick, MD

Women 55+ - Bronze
Gold, Kiss My Pass, Boulder, CO
Silver, Team Utah, South Ogden, UT
Bronze, Volley Dolls , Portland, OR
4th, Dixie Volley Chicks 55+, New Orleans, LA
5th -tie, Volley Chicks, Flint, MI
5th -tie, Volley Dolls, Portland, OR

Women 55+ - Copper
Gold, Spikers 55+, Denver, CO
Silver, Get It UP, Mission Viejo, CA
Bronze, Puakenekene, Hilo, HI
4th, New York Flurries, Buffalo, NY
5th, Improv, Monument, CO

Women 65+ - Gold
Gold, Legacy, Seattle, WA
Silver, California Golden Girls, Aliso Viejo, CA
Bronze, Texas Belles, Houston, TX
4th, Whatever it Takes, Chesapeake, MD
5th -tie, Lightning, Arlington Heights, IL
5th -tie, Beach Classics 65, Long Beach, CA

Women 65+ - Silver
Gold, Alamo Stars, San Antonio, TX
Silver, Dixie Volley Chicks 65+, New Orleans, LA
Bronze, Shinkara Colorado Signals, Denver, CO
4th, Colorado Relics, Loveland, CO
5th -tie, Glams, Colorado Springs, CO
5th -tie, Small Wonders, Millsboro, DE

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