Games Offers Fun Incentives to Volunteers

Events like the Huntsman World Senior Games simply would not happen without the generosity of individuals who are willing to share their time, talents and expertise. Nothing would get done... Read More

Athlete's Corner - Marilyn Day

By Jeff Harding - Huntsman World Senior Games Marilyn Day was born in Jacksonville, Florida, the seventh child of thirteen children. Her mother was a "domestic engineer"/seamstress and her father... Read More

Bike Tour Introduced

In 2022, the Huntsman World Senior Games celebrates its 35th anniversary of fostering worldwide peace, health and friendship. The celebration has been going all year long, with contests to win... Read More

Athlete's Corner - Hannoch Marksheid

By Jeff Harding - Huntsman World Senior Games Hannoch Markshied was born and raised in Israel and currently lives in Atlit, a small community on the Mediterranean beach, in the... Read More

Stay Strong with Strength Training!

By Lorie Swaydan, Huntsman World Senior Games Strength training, also known as resistance training, “...involves using your own bodyweight or tools, like dumbbells or resistance bands, to build muscle mass,... Read More

My Journey

By Rosemary Olsen, Huntsman World Senior Games Athlete About 58 years ago, I had three months of lessons at the YMCA, but I had never swum laps until after my... Read More

Friendship Festival Announced

The Huntsman World Senior Games Announces the Friendship Festival, Celebrating 35 Years of the Games During its 35th anniversary, the Huntsman World Senior Games will welcome the community and over... Read More

Athlete's Corner - LeAnne Lane

By Jeff Harding, Huntsman World Senior Games LeAnne Lane (AKA Alberta Annie) along with her three sisters and two brothers grew up near the small town of Rosemary, Alberta where... Read More

TIMEOUT Magazine Hits Mailboxes

The latest TIMEOUT Magazine has been delivered to interested athletes and fans of the Huntsman World Senior Games. The magazine, which was introduced during the pandemic, is full of useful... Read More

Athlete's Corner - Durward Huggins

By Jeff Harding, Huntsman World Senior Games Durward Higgins was born and raised in El Paso, TX along with his two younger sisters, Phoebe and Sharon.  As a young person,... Read More