2014 Softball Men 50+ / 55+ Results

Men 50+ - Major Division

Gold, Rampower, Toronto, ON, Canada

Silver, Flatliners, Medford, OR

Bronze, Haymaker, Salt Lake City, UT

4th, Cornerstone, Tualatin, OR

Men 50+ - AAA Division

Gold, Never Say Never, West Haven, UT

Silver, Slayers, Bend, OR

Bronze, Rogues, Medford, OR

4th, K-Nines, Victoria, BC, Canada

Men 50+ - AA Division

Gold, The Hunter Group, American Fork, UT

Silver, Calgary Fatboys, Chestermere, AB, Canada

Bronze, 50 Shades of Gray, Fresno, CA

4th, Czechfarmboys, Blenheim, ON, Canada

5th, Steel Strong, Salt Lake City, UT

5th, Premier 50, Olympia, WA

Men 50+ - A Division

Gold, Fully Loaded, Sacramento, CA

Silver, Dust-Tex 50, Mandan, ND

Bronze, Grass Roots-Lost Boys, St. George, UT

4th, Mitsfits, Stuart, FL

5th, Milner Group, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

5th, Chargers, Calgary, AB, Canada

7th, Bad Company, St. Albert, AB, Canada

Men 50+ - B Division

Gold, Lethbridge O-dogs 50+, Lethbridge, AB, Canada

Silver, The Sting, Great Falls, MT

Bronze, Alaska Gold Kings, Anchorage, AK

4th, North Stars 50+, Cardston, AB, Canada

5th, Nationals, Coaldale, AB, Canada

5th, Excessive Speed, San Jose, CA

7th, Prime Time Sports, Burnaby, BC, Canada

7th, Panthers, Salt Lake City, UT

9th, Dirty Oil, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Men 50+ - C Division

Gold, Alaska Kings 50’s, Anchorage, AK

Silver, Edmonton Vintage 50, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Bronze, Global Force, Burnaby, BC, Canada

4th, St. Albert Titans, St. Albert, AB, Canada

5th, Stickmen, St. Albert, AB, Canada

Men 50+ - D Division

Gold, Robinson Transport Inc, Salina, UT

Silver, San Francisco 50s, Lodi, CA

Bronze, Kitsap Merchants, Bremerton, WA

4th, Too Old for 40’s, Edmonton, AB, Canada

5th, Darwin’s Theory, Anchorage, AB, Canada

5th, Party Time Rentals, Fresno, CA

Men 55+ - AAA Division

Gold, Trachsel Auto Body, Salem, OR

Silver, X-Men, Langley, BC, Canada

Bronze, Steel Strong 55+, Salt Lake City, UT

4th, California Fire Fighter’s, Hollister, CA

5th, JUS CHILL N, Kingsburg, CA

Men 55+ - AA Division

Gold, Paso Robles Legend, Paso Robles, CA

Silver, G-Men, Sacramento, CA

Bronze, Great Spirit, St. George, UT

4th, Calgary Red Sox, Calgary, AB, Canada

5th, Sherwood Park Rockers, Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

Men 55+ - A Division

Gold, Alaska Kings, Anchorage, AK

Silver, 1057 Hit and Run, Clinton, UT

Bronze, Medicine Hat huff and puffs 55, Medicine Hat, AB, Canada

4th, Montana Madmen/Steel Etc./Stewart Title, Great Falls, MT

Men 55+ - B Division

Gold, Cascade Thunder, Bend, OR

Silver, Mountain Men, Salt Lake City, UT

Bronze, Northwest Silver 55, Olympia, WA

4th, Douglas Island Pub, Juneau, AK

5th, Anchorage Glacier Kings 55+, Anchorage, AK

5th, Blazers, Calgary, AB, Canada

Men 55+ - C Division

Gold, Yard Dawgs, Kitchener, ON, Canada

Silver, Lethbridge O-dogs 55+, Lethbridge, AB, Canada

Bronze, Wenatchee Merchants 55, Wenatchee, WA

4th, Diamond Rivals, Vermillion, AB, Canada

5th, Calgary Chargers 55, Calgary, AB, Canada

5th, St. Albert Raiders 55+, St. Albert, AB, Canada

7th, Touring All Stars, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

7th, Nanaimo Independence, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Men 55+ - D Division

Gold, St. Albert Mad Bulls, St. Albert, AB, Canada

Silver, Town & Country Auto Sales, Overton, NV

Bronze, Pals 55, North America, AB, Canada

4th, Copper Gang, West Valley City, UT

5th, Eh Team, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

5th, North Stars, Cardston, AB, Canada

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