2011 Golf Social - Session One Results

1st Place –score of 65
Dennis Montoya
Natalie Montoya
Jerry Kain
Peggy Kain

2nd Place–score of 66
Gregory Burt
Deborah Burt
Lou Ruter
Tina Wess

3rd Place –score of 67 (scorecard playoff)
John Payne 
Patti Payne
Gary Peterson
Paul Wilson

Closest-to-Pin winners

Hole #2
1st Place, Carol Tucket
2nd Place, Caroline Kulyk
3rd Place, Connie Todd

Hole #8
1st Place, Ron Hager
2nd Place, George DeHaan
3rd Place, Paul Coon

Hole #12
1st Place, Gerri Holman
2nd Place, Jim George
3rd Place, Dan Sanzone

Hole #16
1st Place, Caroline Kuly
2nd Place, Jim George
3rd Place, Phillipe Beaudry

Gold Sponsors

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