You may have heard of podcasts. Maybe you have already adopted them into the various ways that you receive information or entertainment. If you haven’t, maybe you should consider it. A podcast is basically Netflix for radio-style or audio content. Using your smart phone or tablet, you can subscribe to podcasts on a myriad of topics and when a content provider or “podcaster” releases new content, you will be notified and you can easily access the new stuff and enjoy it anytime you’d like. It’s really pretty cool.

And the Huntsman World Senior Games is excited about it because we’ve got our own weekly podcast that is designed specifically for you. The Huntsman World Senior Games Active Life focuses on timely and relevant health and wellness issues, active aging and motivation and inspiration. Stuff you can really use. Our whole intent is to help you get the most out of your life.

To learn how you can access podcasts, including The Active Life, check out the simple steps below. In addition, you can also ask your smart speaker (Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home) to play the “Huntsman World Senior Games Active Life Podcast” and you’ll hear the most recent episode.

iOS(iPhone or iPad)  - Android instructions below.

Make sure you have the Podcasts app installed. It's the purple icon that looks like a microphone with sound waves.

If not, you can easily install it from the app store. Just search for podcasts, then click on "OPEN"

Once the app is installed, do a search for "Huntsman World Senior Games Active Life," and then tap "Subscribe"

There you have it. You are now subscribed and can start enjoying the weekly content.


Be sure you have the Play Music app installed. If you don't you can easily find it in the Play Store.

Under the Podcast option, search for "Huntsman World Senior Games Active Life" to find the podcast.

Hit the "Subscribe" option at the bottom of the screen.

Congratulations! You are now subscribed and can start enjoying the weekly program.