By Hazel Bridges

We all know that, with aging, our health can decline at some level. Still, there are numerous ways to change the way people approach their health as they age, and most seniors are looking for ways to maintain steady and good health and overall well-being as they age. For those looking to achieve and perpetuate wellness, Huntsman World Senior Games offers the following advice.

Your Wellness is in Your Hands

Numerous studies have found that around 70 percent of physical aging and 50 percent of mental aging is the outcome of the lifestyle choices we make every day. Continued research highlights the long-term benefits linked with healthy living and mental well-being, which becomes more important as we age, and shows how the extent of wellness could be the key to a longer life. Many seniors have started to adopt a variety of trends in an attempt to live a more fulfilling and healthy life.

Follow a Nutritious Diet

As we age, our dietary needs change; for instance, the older we get, the fewer calories we need. That's because we move less and lose muscle mass more rapidly, which can slow down the metabolism. Now, new studies demonstrate that what you eat also impacts your mental health and overall wellness. Eating nutritiously can lower your chances of developing heart diseases and cancer and improves multiple life aspects, from brain function to physical performance.

For a healthy diet, focus on consuming vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds. While vegetables and fruits should play a fundamental role in your daily food intake, lean proteins are also important to include in your diet. They can help you avoid overeating, as they give you a feeling of fullness, and supply your body with the necessary amino acids. When it comes to healthy snack ideas for everyone, foods like turkey, hard-boiled eggs, and chickpeas are great choices for adding lean protein to your diet.

Make Exercise a Priority

Exercise is essential in keeping your physical body and your mind healthy and fit. Your activities should always be based on your physical ability, and there are dozens of exercises meant to build strength that can be done without setting foot in the gym. Walking, hiking, dancing, carrying light weights, and yoga are activities seniors can do to maintain their physical health and overall well-being.

If you engage regularly in a sport already, now could be the perfect time to take part in competitions through Huntsman World Senior Games. From basketball to cycling to power walking to tennis and more, there’s something for everyone.

Keep the Mind Engaged

Staying sharp as you age is crucial. According to many studies, people who engage in mentally stimulating activities show a lower chance of developing various diseases, including Alzheimer's and dementia.

Mentally stimulating activities that are ideal for seniors include trivia games, board games, puzzles like crosswords or Sudoku, and reading. Undertaking craft projects or pursuing other hobbies, such as playing an instrument or gardening, can also be very beneficial as it gives us the satisfaction of using our hands to manufacture something unique.

Interact With Others

Socialization is essential for every human being, and activities involving communication or socialization can help preserve wellness and overall health. These activities do not necessarily have to involve in-person meetups, as technology has advanced enough that we can engage in numerous social activities from the comfort of our own homes. Studies show that proper socialization can lower the risks for depression, and socially interactive seniors are proven to be happier and have overall better health than people who avoid interaction with others.

When it comes to overall wellness, it doesn’t take much to make a difference. By staying active, eating the right foods, socializing and staying engaged, seniors can enjoy more optimal aging, which makes the golden years that much brighter.