Several weeks ago, the Huntsman World Senior Games Active Life was nominated for the Best Health and Fitness Podcast in the Discover Pods Awards. The awards platform received over 9,000 total nominations for podcasts in a variety of genres and covering a plethora of subjects.

After several weeks of voting, the winners have been announced. The Active Life is pleased to share that they ended up fourth on the list in their category.

“The podcast space is very crowded. With over 9,000 nominations you get a sense of the scale of how many people are sharing their thoughts in that space. Of course we always want to end up on the top of the podium, but we’re very pleased with the outcome. Fourth place is not a bad place to be,” said Kyle M Case, CEO of the Huntsman World Senior Games.

The Huntsman World Senior Games Active Life is a weekly show that strives to help you get the most out of your life. Show hosts, Kyle M Case and Lil Barron, visit with health care professionals, masters and seniors athletes and wellness experts.

“It’s a fun show and we just have fun doing it,” says Lil Barron. “Every week is a fun conversation with some amazing people.”

The Active Life can be found on all the major podcast directories including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher. Current and previous episodes are also available at