With 2020 almost completely in the rear view mirror (and good riddance), the Huntsman World Senior Games now turns its sights on 2021. As is tradition, team registration opens on January 1, 2021.

"We were able to stay focused and accomplished a lot during this timeout," said Games CEO, Kyle M Case. "We launched EPIC Virtual Events, we produced the beautiful and informative Timeout Magazine, we continue to shine a spotlight on what active aging looks like with the launch of our 50 Over 50 initiative and we didn't stop covering timely and helpful wellness topics each week on The Active Life podcast. These programs and initiatives will continue, but we're ready to get back to our normal Games schedule and team registration is the first step in that process."

Team managers and captains wanting to reserve a spot for their teams in the 2021 Games should plan to register early as there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the first day of the year. Team fees will continue to be a non-refundable $100.