WOW. What just happened?

In an unprecedented wave, Pickleballers turned out en masse to register for their favorite past time as the clock ticked and the calendar changed to March 1. At the stroke of midnight nearly 1,700 enthusiasts simultaneously jumped at the chance to be part of the 2017 Pickleball tournament at the Huntsman World Senior Games. By 12:02:14 AM, the mixed doubles division was filled and people were sent to the wait list. By 12:07 AM, all divisions had reached capacity and athletes were routed to a waiting list.

“We knew it was going to go fast this year, and it did. It went very fast,” says Kyle M Case, Games CEO.

Case went on to explain that some people might have questions about the status of their registration or the status of their doubles partner.

“We ask that people have a little patience as we work through the data,” Case says. “Give us a chance to let the dust settle, and there is a lot of dust. It will take a little while to sift through the registrations, analyze duplicates and pair up partners.”

Once the registration data has been reviewed, Pickleball athletes can expect further information and or instruction from the Games about wait lists, updates to their registration and what to do now.