On the cusp of a new decade and a new year, the Huntsman World Senior Games is launching a brand new website for the world-class event. The official launch took place on Sunday, January 1, at the stroke of midnight. Users will notice right away the different, clean design as well as the ease of navigation.

"We'll continue to roll out new functionality over the next several weeks and even months," says Kyle M Case, Games CEO. "We really want to lead the way in using the latest technology to give our athletes the very best experience possible. We are shooting for accessibility and ease of use at a level that hasn't been available in the past."

In addition to a new look, the popular online registration system has also received a complete overhaul. The new system will eventually offer an incredible level of personalization .  

"At some point, athletes will be able to log into their personal accounts and access their own medal count, years participated at the Games and many other features," added Case.

The Huntsman World Senior Games is the largest annual multi-sport event in the world for athletes age 50 and better. Every October more than 11,000 athletes from around the globe converge on St. George, Utah, USA to compete in their choice of 30 different sports. The 2017 Games take place October 9 - 21.