IT'S EXCITING! We are mere days away from opening online registration for the Huntsman World Senior Games. We know you are anxious to get going. So are we. Registration will open on March 1, 2017 at 12:00:01 AM (Mountain Time). Mark your calendars and set your alarm clocks.

In an effort to accommodate more athletes, we've added another day of Mixed Doubles to the tournament. Visit the Pickleball page for preliminary schedules, rules and other important information. You might also appreciate knowing that we've chosen the Dura Fast 40 Neon Ball for the Games.

We anticipate that Pickleball will fill up QUICKLY, maybe even in a matter of minutes. That's why we've put together this step-by-step guide. Listen, I know it's a lot of information, but please READ EVERY WORD, including the CRITICAL POINTS below, and familiarize yourself with the process. Give yourself every opportunity to get in this world-class event.

Best of luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Kyle M Case
Huntsman World Senior Games, CEO


How to Register for Pickleball at the Huntsman World Senior Games on March 1, 2017

  • Go to
  • Select “Log In” in the upper right corner
  • Log In to access your account
    • You will need your Username or Athlete number. You will also need your Password. If you have forgotten these items, please select “Lost Password or Username” and you will receive an email at the address on file with your username, athlete number and a link to reset your password. If you do not receive an email, check your Spam blocker. If you do not receive an email and it has not been blocked please contact our office at to verify your email address on file. If you have ever registered for the Games before you have an account with an athlete number. Please follow the directions above and do not select the “Create Your Account” button or this will create a duplicate account in your name and could result in an incomplete registration
    • If you have never attended the Games before, welcome! You will want to select the “Create Your Account” button and fill out the account information to create your account and login
  • Once you are logged in, select the “Register” tab
  • Select “Athlete Registration”
  • On the “Choose a Sport” page, select Pickleball
  • Select the events you would like to register for
  • If registering for a doubles event, you will need to input your partner’s athlete number. Your partner will also need to input your athlete number into their registration to link you both together. NOW IS THE TIME to share athlete numbers with each other so you can complete your registration
  • After you have selected your events please enter your USAPA #. This is mandatory. You will not be able to continue without a USAPA #. Please ensure that your number is valid through October. If you don't have a USAPA # you can visit the USAPA website at and apply for one. You will want to do this BEFORE March 1.
  • Enter your Skill level for Singles events and for Doubles events
  • If you want to register for additional sports select the “Add a Sport” button and follow the prompts. Keep in mind you can always add additional sports later
  • If you only want to register for Pickleball select “Complete Registration”
  • You will then be asked to review your registration information. You will also have an opportunity to register for the optional Dinner Dance, become an Official Ambassador and make a donation
  • After careful review, input your payment information to complete your registration
  • You will see a confirmation page and will receive a confirmation email

Critical Points

  • Can I complete my registration without my USAPA number?
    • No. This number is mandatory and you must enter your USAPA number to complete your registration.
  • Can I register for a doubles event if I don’t have a partner?
    • Yes, you may register for a Pickleball doubles event without naming a partner, however, this is an incomplete registration. ALL Pickleball doubles events that are incomplete on April 1, 2017 will be cancelled and those individuals will be relocated to the bottom of the waiting list.
  • If I register without a partner can I choose my partner?
    • Yes, you may select your partner. Whoever you name as your partner will be allowed to register for that specific event as your partner. If you do not have a partner in mind use Partner Finder to find a partner.
  • What do I do if an event is closed that I want to register for?
    • Add yourself to the Waitlist. If an event is full you will not be allowed to register for that event, but a “Waitlist” button will be located near the event name. Select the “Waitlist” to add yourself. Please include your partner’s information if you plan to play in a doubles event. If you select the button more than once it will indicate that you are already on this Waitlist.
  • What do I do if I am on the Waitlist?
    • Check Partner Finder to post your availability and locate a partner that you can register with. If you already have a partner and neither of you are registered, please wait. On April 1, 2017 we will cancel all incomplete event registrations and you may have a chance to register after that time—we will contact you.
  • Can I check the Waitlist to see if my partner is on the Waitlist?
    • No. Please contact your partner to ask if they are on the Waitlist.
  • How do I add my partner’s athlete number if I didn't have it at registration?
    • Log In to your Huntsman World Senior Games account. At the top of the screen select “My Account”.  In your Profile options, select Registrations. Select the event you need to update. Make the necessary updates and select save.
  • If I am registered in a Pickleball doubles event and have named my partner, can I change my partner?
    • No. Once you have named a partner you cannot change partners, unless your partner cancels or drops the event in which case you will need to contact the Games office at 800-5621268 or
  • When will Pickleball registration open?
    • Athlete registration opens March 1, 2017 at 12:00:01AM (Mountain Time).
  • When will Pickleball events close?
    • We can’t tell the future, but if past performance is any indicator then Pickleball will reach registration capacity on March 1, before our office is open.
  • Is there anything I can do to make sure I get registered for Pickleball?
    • Pickleball registration is first-come-first-served, but there are many athletes who have already started contacting partners, swapping athlete numbers, visiting our new website and logging in to make sure username and password are working, locating their USAPA number, checking their credit card to make sure it is current and active, reading the Pickleball sport page and marking their calendar. Being prepared is your best option.