Huntsman World Senior Games 2017 registration is currently open. If you have not yet registered now is the time. If you are not sure which event might be for you, why not consider Power Walking?

Last year the Games had over 160 walkers with 120 power walkers and 40 race walkers. In 2017 our goal is 200 + walkers. Join in the fun.

The walking events take place October 16 - 18, 2017.

Many people enjoy the Power Walk event since it is not as technical as Race Walking. The rules are simple: 

1. One foot must be on the ground at all times. Running, deemed to be when both feet are off of the ground, is forbidden and is cause for disqualification.

2. Each foot-strike must be heel to toe at all times. "Creeping," wherein the lead toe strikes prior to the heel, is forbidden and is cause for disqualification.

3. A slightly bent knee is the accepted form in power walking compared to Technical Race Walking, where the lead leg must remain straight from heel-strike until the knee passes under the body. 

If you're interested in competing in three wonderful events held specifically for Power Walkers, we encourage you to register for this year's Huntsman World Senior Games. You can choose from 1500M, 3000M and/or 5000M distances. Medals are awarded to the first three finishers in all age groups. Plus, you can participate in a terrific post-event social with all Power Walkers and Race Walkers. Competition and the social have been the basis for many lasting friendships over the years.   

So join your fellow walkers in October and, while you're at it, bring along four of your walking friends. Power  Walking is an exciting, challenging sport, one that all of us can do for many years to come. 

 We look forward to walking with you!

 As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please feel free to call the Games office at 435 674 0550 or email