Before the competition begins for any Huntsman World Senior Games athlete, they must first check-in at the Dixie Center. Sunday, October 8, is the first day to do so. Over 3,000 athletes took advantage and received their ID badge, official shirt and goodie bag.

A highlight of the day was the Endurance Awards. Athletes who have competed at the Games for 15 years are honored with a commemorative ring. This year over 200 athletes will receive their ring. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Twenty year participants receive a watch, 25 year participants a beautiful sandstone trophy and 30 year athletes are awarded a letterman’s jacket.

“If there is anything that we love to celebration at the Huntsman World Senior Games, it’s longevity. It is an honor for us to be part of these athletes’ lives for so long.”

The ceremony was held in two parts because of the high number of honorees. Both groups parade through the Dixie Center, led by a bagpipe player to the applause of their peers.

Monday, October 8 is the first day of competition with sporting events held in the following:

Archery Target (Practice Only)
Basketball 3-on-3 – Women
Golf – Social Golf
Lawn Bowls
Roadraces – 10K
Softball – Men
Square Dance
Table Tennis
Walking Tours

John Morgan greets honorees at the Endurance Awards.

Table Tennis
Table tennis athlete warms up for tomorrows competition.