To all of our friends across the border,

I suspect it goes without saying how disappointed we are with the announcement that the United States is extending restrictions on nonessential travel at land and ferry crossings with Canada and Mexico through September 21. We know that this decision will affect many of you.

Here are a few things to consider. With certain restrictions, air travel into the United States is still possible. Many teams and athletes are planning to fly. Please do. We still want you to come. We’re safely moving forward with the Games. See our COVID-19 Plan here.

Team Captains

If you need to cancel your team, you must let us know ( by September 1, 2021, to receive a FULL refund of team registration fees. This allows us time to build out tournament brackets with some confidence of who is going to be able to come.

Many teams are made up of a mixture of Canadians, Mexicans and Americans. We know there will be some partial teams who will want to combine with other partial teams to complete a roster and still play. Please do. Take full advantage of our TeamFinder service to facilitate these adjustments. But we still have to know about these combinations by September 1, 2021, for bracketing.

Individual Athletes

Rostered players and individual athletes. If you need to cancel your registration, please send us an email ( by September 15, 2021, stating that you will not be able to cross the border and we will issue a FULL refund.

These are unprecedented times. But we’re confident that with patience and a little kindness we will make it through them together.

All the best,

Huntsman World Senior Games, CEO