A condensed version of this interview originally appeared in the Spring 2021 Timeout Magazine.


Timeout Magazine: Where did you grow up?

Tom Dickson: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada


TM: Tell me about your family (siblings/spouse/children/grandchildren).

TD: I'm single, never married. I have one sibling, a younger sister.


TM: Tell me about your college/career.

TD: I attended Simon Fraser University in Burnaby from 1971-1976 and competed for the track team.  I graduated from SFU with a BSc in mathematics and completed the profession development for teaching. Following university, I taught junior and senior high school math for 33 years in the Coquitlam school district, which is the third largest school district in British Columbia. I retired in 2011.


TM: Have you always been involved in sports? If so what sports? If you started competing later in life at what age did you start and motivated you?

TD: I played one year of high school rugby and one year in a recreational rugby league during my second year of teaching. Track has been my main sport, competing from age 16-38. When I turned 40, I started doing Masters track. It's been a lifelong passion.


TM: Why do you value the opportunity to compete?

TD: The competitions are the reward for all your hard work. Everyone is a winner if you run a seasonal or personal best time. I love the comradery in Masters track, particularly as you get older.  I've had the good fortune to compete in several countries in my master’s career.  I have participated in 13 Outdoor World Masters Championships and three World Indoor Championships in 13 countries on five continents.


TM: What does active aging mean to you and why is it important to you?

TD: Active body, active mind. This slows the aging process.