A few years ago when we started talking about an update to our logo and branding we knew that we’d have to go bold. Our 35th anniversary year seemed like the right time to release the upgrade. We felt strongly that we needed to give a nod to our decades-long history, and our founder, John Morgan’s passing earlier this year, reiterated that sentiment.

We also knew we needed to look to the future with a symbol and typeface that could take us into the next decades and stand the test of time. After several years of various versions, color tests and research, we believe we’ve accomplished it.

It is with great pleasure and incredible excitement that we present the brand new, upgraded logo. The following will share with you some of the symbolism and thought process that went into the final product.

Huntsman World Senior Games


The primary color of the new symbol is a bright yellow. The color signifies boundless energy, eternal optimism, triumphant joy (all characteristics of our founder John H. Morgan) and eternal friendships. It’s also an intentional nod to the 255 days of abundant sunshine present in the host city of St. George, Utah, USA.



The secondary color is blue. Blue is the color of trust and stability, referencing the enduring nature of the Games. Blue also represents peace, one of the founding principles of the Games. We strongly believe that as we unite, regardless of current geo-political issues, and get to really know one another, that we are that much closer to achieving peace in our time.



Within the symbol, three lines intersect, each representing one of the founding principles and the mission of the Huntsman World Senior Games to foster worldwide peace, health and friendship. Each principle pays homage to the vision of our beloved founder, John H. Morgan. These foundational ideals still drive the actions of the Games to this day.

Three Intersecting Lines


The circular oval shape of the symbol represents the global participation of athletes from all around the world as well as the unity of spirit and purpose.

Some see a ring, which is a universal symbol of forever, harkening to the stability and longevity of the Games as well as the eternal friendships that are formed each year at the event.



Found in the heart of the symbol itself is a subtle, modified triangle, calling back to the original logo of the Games from 1987. Many of our seasoned athletes will recall this original mark which consisted of a triangle, broken into four additional triangles, representing peace, health and friendship under the umbrella of the Games.

Modified Triangle


Putting all the elements together, we have a bold symbol that evokes motion, energy, action, unity. It pulls together the founding principles of peace, health and friendship. It’s acknowledgement for all that has come to pass and excitement for all that will come to be. We hope you like it.

Huntsman World Senior Games

But regardless of the symbolism and colors, our commitment to growing and enhancing the Games and the athlete experience will never change. It’s a bold new look to be sure, but the Games will never stop striving to be better than ever.

A move like this will take time. We hope you'll be patient with us as we transition.

A heartfelt thank you to Anton Tielemans of Tielemans Design for all of his work in creating this memorable new logo mark.