Living Your Best Life

What does living your best life mean? To some it might mean financial security. To others it might mean enjoying great health. To still others it may mean being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want. The important thing is that WE ALL want to live life to the fullest! So, how do we do that? How do we get the necessary tools?

The Huntsman World Senior Games has created the Living Your Best Life Webinar Series to help us - regardless of our stage of life – gain the tools we need to live our best life. Once a month, we'll offer a timely, relevant and informative webinar. Every course is absolutely free of charge, but you must register in order to participate. If you are unable to attend the live event, we'll make a recording of every webinar available for viewing right here on the bottom of this page. Check back often to learn how you can be Living Your Best Life.


Upcoming Webinars

Dr. Joseph Fife, OD

The Path to Better Eye Health or I can see clearly now – and I want to keep it that way!

July 19, 2022 - 11 am Mountain Time


Back in 1972 when Johnny Nash penned the lyrics to "I Can See Clearly Now" he struck a chord with millions of people around the world. We all want to see clearly! So, what do we need to do to protect our eyes so that we can see clearly now and in the future? Join Dr. Joseph Fife, OD, for this free webinar and he will help you begin or continue on the path to better eye health!

Dr. Fife is a member of the Utah Optometric Association, the American Optometric Association and he is a member of Vision Source which is the premier network of private practice optometrists in the United States.  He is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Optometry.

Dr. Fife is founder and CEO of Paradise Canyon Eye Care, which opened in 2008 here in St. George. Paradise Canyon Eye Care​​​​​​​ provides personalized, patient-centric eye care service to the southern Utah communities in and around St. George, Utah. Over 6,000 patients hail from 5 US states and 5 countries. He sees patients 3 and above, but, seeing as how he lives here in St. George, Utah, the majority of his patients are over age 50.

Although he treats many eye diseases in his practice, Dr. Fife has carved out a niche in his efforts to diagnose Age Related Macular Degeneration early and slow down its effects on vision loss later in life allowing his patients to enjoy quality vision for many more years to come.  He has also guided his practice to focus on determining the underlying cause of dry eye and treating the cause to get real relief rather than simply using eye drops as a bandaid for symptoms.  Through the use of Neurolens technology, Dr. Fife has also helped many of his patients find relief from headaches and other visual symptoms associated with subtle amounts of eye misalignment which affects people of all ages.            


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Dr. Keith Darrow, PhD

Advances in the Medical Treatment of Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

August 16, 2022 - 11 am Mountain Time

We all know how important the ability to hear is to us. Does Preventing Decline feel like a losing battle? While our enemies may be our genes and our lifestyle, there is new science available indicating that 40% of cases of dementia are considered preventable.  Join Dr Darrow as he discusses his newest book: Preventing Decline, Advances in the Medical Treatment of Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

In this webinar. he will review how:

- Hearing Care is Health Care

- Preventing Dementia is Possible

- You can live with less ringing in your ears

- There are proven keys to active aging

While aging is inevitable, decline is optional. Which do you choose?

Dr. Keith N. Darrow, PhD, is an M.I.T. and Harvard Medical School Trained Neuroscientist, Clinical Audiologist, Certified Dementia Practitioner, medical researcher and author. His mission is to improve the health, wellness, and ability to actively age through the medical treatment of hearing loss and tinnitus.  During his 20+ year career in research and in the clinic, he has treated or directly influenced the treatment of hundreds of thousands of patients at an increased risk of memory loss and dementia due to hearing loss and tinnitus. He has developed the most comprehensive programs for ensuring patient outcomes and his research has been cited over 1000 times.

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Past Webinars

James Garrett

James Garrett - Facing the Future Without Fear

For over a decade, James Garrett has been studying and teaching the psychology of success, and unpacking the brain science behind what makes human beings thrive. As an entrepreneur, scientist, trainer, and coach, he is passionate about turning academic knowledge about the human brain into practical tools that anyone can use to change their life—and the world. Join James to learn how to face the future without fear.
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Paul Robbins, Esq. - The When and Why of Estate Planning

Everyone knows they need to prepare for the inevitable but most of us procrastinate thinking we are not going to die, at least not today! Well, you are probably right. The problem is we keep telling ourselves the same thing day after day and one day we're going to be terribly wrong! Rather than let ourselves have this thought on our minds perpetually why not do something about it TODAY.  Then, of course, we need to know what to do? Paul Robbins has the answer(s) to that question and will give you the options to choose from. 

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Robert Daniel

Ronnie Daniel - What We All Need to Know About Alzheimer's Disease 

The Alzheimer's Association leads the worldwide effort in Alzheimer's and dementia research, advocacy and support services for the more than 5 million people in the United States currently living with Alzheimer's Disease.  As the aging population increases and that number will continue to grow. Today 1 in 10 people at age 65 will have Alzheimer's, and at age 85, 1 in 3 will have the disease. The latest information will be presented about Alzheimer's research including the fascinating work that is being done related to what we can do now to perhaps prevent Alzheimer's.

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Kyle Case

Kyle Case - Living the Active Life in 8 Simple Steps

We all want to squeeze the most out of life. In this presentation, Huntsman World Senior Games CEO Kyle M Case will walk you through eight simple and accessible things that each of us can do to really LIVE the active life. Based on years of research and practical experience as well as cutting edge studies, you’ll find something (or several things) that you can immediately apply in your life that will help you achieve the life you’re hoping for.

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Amy English

Amy English - Sharing Your Story and Your Legacy

You might not be famous, but you are unique. No one has lived or experienced life through your eyes. Those who come after you will be very interested in your story. In a couple of generations, there will be no one left to remember you - unless you write your story. Learn the most important elements of writing and make your story come alive on paper. Make your family legacy something your children will remember. What events shaped your life? Do your children know their heritage? What are your family traditions? It's up to you to write these experiences down. Join Amy English and learn how! She will cover where to start, what style of recording your story best fits your style/schedule, how to draft an outline and how to write or record an exciting, truthful story that your family will want to watch or read!

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Richard and Kaylie Fritzler - Taking charge of your health

What does it mean to take charge of your health? It means that you need to be actively involved in your health care decisions! It is important to consult with caregivers to makes sure care plans meet needs and desires. Following is real life example of what can happen when a plan of care is created without patient input - from the personal experience of our presenters.

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Doug Harding - Getting the Cybersecurity You Deserve

There is an adage in the cybersecurity industry. It states that a company gets the cybersecurity it deserves. This adage can also apply to individuals. A person gets the cybersecurity that he or she deserves, or in other words, a person gets the security that he puts forth the effort to put in place. Explore many aspects of privacy and how tightening up your social media accounts can help improve your overall cybersecurity.

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Dr. Matt Townsend - The ABC's of Lasting Happiness and Stronger Mental Health

In this presentation Dr. Matt Townsend combines his humor with his more than 25 years in human development and positive psychology to address the ABC’s of Lasting Happiness and stronger Mental Health. Throughout the presentation Dr. Matt will combine the latest research and findings on happiness, resiliency and positive psychology with his tried and tested real-life solutions so you can immediately begin to bring “Happiness Home.”

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Teresa Willie - Break the Silence -- Start Talking Openly about Suicide!

Although suicide can be a sensitive topic to discuss, it is time to break the silence and start talking openly and directly about suicide. Suicide Prevention is everyone’s business. You can become a suicide- prevention advocate. In this presentation you will learn the importance of using appropriate language surrounding suicide. Using helpful language prevents stigma and promotes help-seeking behavior.

You will learn the warning signs for suicide including precipitating behaviors, direct and indirect verbal communication cues, and associated moods. You will learn about risk and protective factors surrounding suicide, including those specific to seniors.

  •    Unfortunately due to technical issues we were not able to record this webinar. However, Teresa's powerpoint is availble HERE

Kyle Case and select athletes

Recapping the 2021 Huntsman World Senior Games

Now that the "time out" is over we want to bask in the afterglow and relive some wonderful memories from the 2021 Huntsman World Senior Games. Join us for this webinar where you can hear and interact with Kyle Case, CEO and with some amazing Games athletes.

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Paul Tracy - Living with a Significant Diagnosis – The Mindset Reset

A significant, life altering diagnosis can be so tough. Whatever the future was, it is immediately changed. Uncertainty is the order of the day. The challenges are many: mental, emotional and physical. In this webinar Paul Tracey presents some practical tools that help people better manage life after such a diagnosis. Through his study and his face-to-face work Paul is convinced that we can each learn new ways of acting, thinking and feeling. We can reset our mindsets.

   This webinar is FREE! Just click HERE to watch the YouTube video. You can also view his PowerPoint HERE.

Jared DuPree, PhD, LMFT - The Psychology Behind Setting Effective Goals

Dr. Jared DuPree will discuss effective ways to develop goals and pursue passions in a manner that aligns with your true self -- leading to long-term outcomes. In short, with the New Year coming, methods to form effective goals that will actually excite and encourage one's life will be explored. Dr. DuPree has provided counseling, coaching and consultations to executives, couples, individuals throughout the world for 22 years.

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Kelly Welker - Start the Year off Right by Giving Your Body the Fuel it Needs

Being healthy isn't hard. Come and learn how to revolutionize your health by taking small and simple steps. Kelly Welker will teach us how our choices have the power to create vibrant health that allows us to live the life we want.

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Emily Perry -- YOGA - Good for the body and the Mind!

Yoga is often perceived as a series of exercises meant to keep the physical body fit and flexible. While this may be true, it may also enhance mental clarity, provide emotional stability, reduce stress and anxiety, and support overall health and well-being. Emily Perry has been studying and teaching yoga for nearly two decades and currently works as the Director of Yoga Studies at Utah State University. Emily loves sharing the incredible benefits of yoga and would like to share some practices that center on breathwork, mindfulness, and moving meditation. These practices are easy to learn, accessible to anyone, and will leave you feeling great!  

This webinar is FREE! Just click HERE to watch the YouTube video.

Lani Puriri - Overcoming Stress and Anxiety to Achieve Clarity of Mind

On a difficult day we might cope with stressful situations by defaulting to devices, camping with caffeine, or slumbering in sleep. On a good day we might read a book, take a walk, or chat with a friend. How often do you cope with stress by quieting the mind and finding a place of internal peace? It’s no secret that overcoming stress and anxiety is essential to health and wellbeing. Healthy mind-body connection affects balance and change. Developing a consistent practice of balanced breathing and meditation are healthy coping strategies. When the body is calm, and the mind is clear, doubts disappear and you are naturally filled with the ability to focus on success. Clarity of mind can literally transform your state of being into an intense powerhouse of performance. Join this webinar and discover ways to achieve clarity of mind, overcome stress and anxiety, and improve daily performance.

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Stephanie Parrish

Stephanie Parrish - Hope, Healing and Miracles

When life gets too big, we sometimes need help finding the light of hope – sometimes we need a miracle. Register for this free webinar and hear Stephanie Parrish discuss everything HOPE, HEALING AND MIRACLES. She will lead an encouraging discussion about how to keep hope in this crazy world we are living in. How to find HOPE in our HEALING, whether it be Physical, Mental, Spiritual or Emotional. And to look at the MIRACLES that surround us every day on our journey of life.

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Lynn Falslev - Taking the Mystery out of Money Management

From early times, money has enabled people a way to trade their economic strengths to obtain goods and services which they are unable or unwilling to provide for themselves.  To be successful, you need to identify your strengths and weaknesses to be able to defend against the problems that are caused by those weaknesses, and to capitalize on your strengths. For most of us, the amount of money we have is finite. From our choice of housing, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, to the car we drive, all our needs compete for the available money. The first step in finding our own economic “nirvana” is to separate needs from wants.  I need shelter.  I want a mansion.  I need transportation, I want a new car instead of a bus pass.  I need nourishment.  I want ice cream and candy, It should be obvious that needs trump wants.  In making financial decisions, isn’t it best to satisfy needs first?

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Dr. Jordre and Dr. Viviers - Being Proactive, not Reactive, 

with your Health to Improve Athletic Performance

Most of us only seek medical professionals when we are sick or injured (reactive). It is natural for us to look for help when we are in need. The truth is our health care paradigm is built on that model! According to Drs. Jordre and Viviers that is the exact opposite of the most efficient health care model. They assert that we should be working with medical professionals before we become sick or get injured, (proactive) thereby reducing the likelihood of needing to be reactive.

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