COVID 19 Information

We, like you, have been keeping our eye on the COVID-19 situation and the Delta variant. We are aware that it is presenting some challenges. But we still feel, based on recommendations from local government and health officials that we can move forward if we all work together. We’ve said all along that 2021 would look different, and it will. But the timeout is over … and we’re back! Our hope is that we will all be patient and understanding with each other as we continue to navigate these uncharted waters.

We ask athletes, official fans, spectators and volunteers to adhere to the following guidelines. Please become familiar with them. We want you all to come and be part of the Games. Man, do we ever. But if you feel these guidelines go too far for your comfort or don’t do enough, we suggest postponing your involvement this year. You can request a refund within the context of our cancellation policy at But know that we will be here and ready to host you when you are comfortable, whenever that may be.

Please check back regularly as these guidelines are subject to change.

General Guidelines for All Participants and Guests:

  • The Games will NOT be a COVID-19 free zone. The following guidelines have been shown to help reduce the risk of spread, but there is still risk involved.
  • All participants must bring their own mask. Masks will be required at indoor venues, including during the check-in process, to maximize protection from the Delta variant and to lower the risk of spreading it to others.
  • Masks are not required while competing or at outdoor venues.
  • All participants will sign a waiver with covid-specific language as part of the registration process.
  • All participants will need to give a current email or cell phone number at check in that can be used for contact tracing.
  • All participants will complete a symptoms survey upon check in at the Dixie Convention Center.
  • Temperature checks may be conducted during the check-in process.
      • Any athlete with an elevated temperature (or suspected COVID-19 symptoms) will be asked to get a COVID-19 rapid response test at a location specified by the Huntsman World Senior Games. Individuals with a negative response will be allowed to complete check-in and continue participation. Individuals with a positive response will be required to follow quarantine  protocols.

        • NOTE: Any athlete needing a COVID-19 test to return to their home country, the TestUtah Saint George  610 South Tech Ridge dr. is available 7 am to 7 pm Monday thru Saturday. It will take appointments or walk-ups. (The Utah Department of Health had hoped to be site at the Dixie Center, however due to the increase demand for COVID testing state-wide they are no long able to offer this service to the Games.) COVID-19 tests may also be obtained at local pharmacies and imedical facilities such as:

        • Walgreens Pharmacy* - 391 W St George Blvd - (435) 652-3868** 

        • Walgreens Pharmacy* - 1849 W Sunset Blvd   - (800) 925-4733**

        • TestUtah Site Saint George* – 610 South Tech Ridge dr. – no appointment necessary - additional information including hours are available HERE**

                  *Tests are available at no charge

                 **We recommend contacting the business for details.

  • Social distancing will be encouraged at all times including during the check-in process.
  • Although water will be available at all events, participants are encouraged to bring their own water bottles.
  • Refreshments will not be provided at any sports venue, so participants will need to bring their own.
  • Washing hands often will be encouraged.
  • Hand sanitizer will be made available, but participants should also bring their own.
  • Signs will be posted at all venues to remind everyone to watch for symptoms, wear a mask, stay 6-feet apart and wash hands regularly.
  • Using cash for purchases is discouraged. Instead, plan to use a credit or debit card.
  • Sport specific guidelines will be available below.
  • In an effort to keep our athletes, volunteers, staff and community safe and due to a lack of venue space for social distancing, the Games has made the difficult decision to forgo sport socials this year. Instead, you will receive a second dinner ticket that can be redeemed at any of our partner restaurants. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time. We sincerely hope that you will take advantage of the dinner tickets and enjoy some meals with your friends.
  • If Moderna is approved for a 3rd dose in time for the Games, it will be offered along with the Flu vaccine in the Health Screenings. 
    The Pfizer booster will be available at the Health Department and various pharmacies within the community if they you need that brand. You can obtain information regarding the Pfizer booster in the Health Screeings. 
    You will be required to have your vaccine record to receive a 2nd or booster dose of Moderna (if authorized). The dates of previous doses must be seen to ensure you are receiving the vaccine at the proper interval and verify that you received Moderna for the 1st and 2nd doses.


Keep in Mind:

  • Southern Utah is currently a high-transmission area.  
  • Travel for at-risk individuals is currently discouraged.
  • Large group gatherings are also discouraged.
  • No one should compete or attend competitions if they are exhibiting symptoms or feeling ill. Please stay home if you do not feel well.
  • It is strongly encouraged that you be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before you attend the Games.



Prepare to Play

  • Arrive dressed and prepared to play.
  • Arrive as close as possible to when the activity begins but be mindful of the tournament’s check-in policies and plan accordingly.
  • Maintain social distancing at venues and while warming up for your events.
  • Bring individual hand sanitizer for sole use.
  • Bring enough water and snacks for individual use throughout the event.
  • Avoid sharing equipment or personal items.
  • Don’t attend if you or a member of your household doesn’t feel well.


During Play

  • Follow directions for spacing and other outlined social distancing instructions.
  • Avoid handshakes, high fives and other contact related encouragement.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Do not share personal equipment such as paddles or bats.
  • Please remember to sanitize your hands after utilizing shared equipment i.e. basketballs or javelins.
  • If utilizing benches, social distancing is encouraged.
  • Avoid sharing food, drinks, towels and other personal care items.
  • Wash and santize hands often.
  • During warm-up players should spread out and maintain physical distances.


After Play

  • Wash hands thoroughly or use a hand sanitizer after activity.
  • Remember to wear your mask after you are done competing in indoor venues.
  • Leave facility as soon as reasonably possible after activity finishes.
  • Shower and change at home or where you are staying.
  • Disinfect all personal equipment.
  • Wash all clothing worn after each day.


In addition to the above general guidelines, some sports have additional requirements in order to comply with sanctioning guidelines or additional safety requirements. 


  • Group starts and/or finishes may need to be adjusted depending on Covid-19 circumstances.


Power Walk/Race Walk

  • Group starts and/or finishes may need to be adjusted depending on Covid-19 circumstances.



  • Dugouts might be used on a limited basis. 
  • Each team might be given softballs for their team to use during play.
  • Catchers might be required to wear a Covid-19 appropriate mask.



  • All swimmers, volunteers and officials will be required to complete a USMS COVID-19 Participant Screening Form prior to the event.
  • Relays will only be held if covid conditions improve and health guidelines indicate that they can be held safely. Under current conditions they will not be held.
  • Courtesy time between heats will be provided to avoid crowding behind the blocks.
  • Volunteers will monitor meet warm-up and post-race cool down to maintain social distancing with a limited number of swimmers in each lane starting from opposite ends. 
  • No spectators will be allowed on the pool deck. They will remain in the observation area maintaining social distancing at all times.
  • Temperature checks will be done prior to the event as needed.
  • At the end of each race, swimmers will clear the area quickly to avoid crowding behind the blocks. 
  • Swimmers will be instructed not to ask timers for their times.
  • Swimmers in the next heat will be positioned at least 6 feet behind the timers and will not move up to the blocks until instructed to do so. 
  • Once races are completed, swimmers will be asked to exit the facility without lingering to socialize or cheer on teammates. 
  • Swimmers will not congregate on the side or at the end of the pool to cheer for friends.
  • All officials and timers will abide by USMS, local and state safety protocols.
  • All officials will be equipped with radios for DQs.
  • There will be 2 timers per lane to accommodate swimmers who use a longer event for more than one time. However, social distancing will be maintained and mask policy will be followed.


Track and Field:

  • If you use shared equipment, please make sure to sanitize thoroughly after your turn, and wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer for yourself.
  • Group starts and/or finishes may need to be adjusted depending on Covid-19 circumstances.


Trail Running:

  • Group starts and/or finishes may need to be adjusted depending on Covid-19 circumstances.



  • Traditional gift exchange on the court will not be permitted this year.
  • Volleyball teams will NOT switch sides during the match.

Additional Resources and References: