Thomas Ambrose

Thomas Ambrose has enjoyed competing in the Huntsman Games for 21 years as a softball player and coach. Win or lose, it was challenging and gratifying. Charlotte Ambrose, his wife and sweetheart of 62 years, called Thomas the greatest Huntsman World Senior Games Ambassador for sharing his enthusiasm and encouraging others to participate in the Games.

Thomas grew up in Detroit and joined the US Navy and served in the Korean War for 2 years. After returning from service, he had a successful career in radio and television, working as a manager and announcer.

Thomas is currently cheering his son Thomas Ambrose II as he continues the tradition of competing in softball. He says he was able to get his son hooked on the Games, and now he has competed for the past two years.

When asked about his feelings about being inducted into the Hall of Fame, Thomas says “I really appreciate being honored in this way. Thank you, I am truly humbled by this. Win, lose or draw, I enjoyed all of my 21 years of competing in the Games. The venues are the best, they are well organized, the health checks save lives, and above all, the people are gregarious. It is a memorable event for all”.


Doug Bergen

Doug loves Golf and Bowling, and has been active as a volunteer and athlete in both events. Doug served in the United States Air Force, and then worked as a fire-fighter, paramedic, and inspector for the Torrance, California fire department for 31years.

Doug started participating in the Games in 1994 in Bowling and Slow Pitch softball. He has been a field manager for the past 21 years, as well as competing in Golf and Bowling as an athlete. Doug says that Ken Jolly got him started in the Games, and John Peters kept him going, and the rest is history.

Doug said that when he learned about being inducted into the Hall of Fame, that he was in absolute awe that he was considered as a candidate. He says he is profoundly honored to be associated with the members of the Hall of Fame.


Harold Curry

Harold loves to instruct others on the ins and outs of shooting, and has managed shotgun events for several years. He retired in 2001 after a career in tool and die making, where he served as a quality control manager. Harold is one of the founding board members of Purgatory Clay Sports, and is a State champion in vet singles and trap shooting.

Harold contacted the Huntsman World Senior Games in 2008 to start a shooting event for the Games. In 2009, the first event was held, with 30 competitors and 250 targets. The following year, the event exploded! Now, there are eight events and over 135 shooters competing over five days. Harold said his intent was to give the participants the best event possible, with no pressure, and an emphasis on fun. He has never shot a target in the Games, because he learned a long time ago that you can’t manage an event and compete, too.

Haorld says that when he found out about being inducted, that he never expected such an honor. “I read the notification several times to let it sink in. To be inducted into the Huntsman World Senior Games Hall of Fame never entered my mind. My reward has always been the competitors coming back year after year, bringing their friends and telling me what a great time they had. I am truly honored and humbled, and I thank you for the privilege”.


Steve and Lori Harris

Steve and Lori have been married for 35 years, and love to square and round dance, hike, visit museums, and travel in their motorhome every summer. They have been involved in the Huntsman World Senior Games for 13 years.

Steve and Lori started their dancing journey in 1982. Since that time, they have traveled to cue round dancing in most of the western United States and Canada. They say it is very gratifying to help people in dance because they are helping people to remain active, both mentally and physically.

Steve and Lori cue the round dancing events at the Games, as well as serving as judges during the Square Dancing competitions. They feel fortunate to be involved in the Games, as it brings people together to share music, movement, and teamwork. They are grateful to the Huntsman World Senior Games for its continued support of their treasured and joyful dance activities.

Steve and Lori say they are thrilled and honored to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Being a part of the events has enriched their lives and given them the opportunity to meet many new and old friends. They are happy to be associated with an organization such as the Games that focuses on health, and takes a proactive approach by offering health screenings. They wish to thank everyone from the bottom of their hearts for this Hall of Fame award.


Vadym Kutsenko

Vadym has served as the official Ambassador of the Huntsman World Senior Games in the Ukraine. He is an accomplished swimmer, and in the past 18 years, he has competed in 113 International Tournaments in the United States, South Africa, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and many others.

He has competed in the Games since 1997, and has won 57 gold medals at the Games. He has also set 25 records in the swimming competition. When asked about being inducted, he states “

I am very humbled and honored by this recognition. Swimming has been a life long passion, it is inspiring and fulfilling to follow one’s dream, thank you for supporting and encouraging our dreams”.


Mel and Marie Langness

Mel and Marie were the primary force in creating the 3D archery event at the Huntsman World Senior Games. Both have participated as athletes and volunteers, serving for over 10 years, with Mel being the Director of Archery. Mel has always loved archery, and made his first bow in 1954.

Mel served in the United State Marine Corp from 1965-1962, and was an advisor during the Vietnam war. After his service, he worked for Delta Airlines for 30 years, all the while continuing his love of archery. Along with her love of archery, Marie likes to hike, horseback ride, bike and study archaeology.

Their tireless efforts have made the sport a vibrant part of the Games. When told about their induction, Marie states “I am so surprised! I wouldn’t miss the Games, and it is one of the highlights of every year”. Mel said “I am honored. I feel that my association with the Games is one of the crowning moments. The camaraderie and friendships I have formed over the years have been outstanding”.


Stan and Mary Kay Larson

Stan and Mary Kay started volunteering at the Games over a decade ago, and have served as the Directors of Refreshments for the past 9 years. They are very dedicated, and have recruited many volunteers to cover hundreds of shifts for 14 sports. They log hundreds of miles each year as they provide support and leadership.

Mary Kay started as an assistant in 2007, and in 2008, Stan started to chase her and wanted a date. She only said yes if he would help her with the Games. This romance led to a happy marriage, and they worked together until Mary Kay’s passing in September of 2018.

When told about being inducted, they state ‘We are shocked, surprised, thrilled, and amazed to be recognized in this way. The Games mean so much to us in our lives. We have met some of the best people from all over the world and here in St. George. We feel it a privilege to be ambassadors of the Games among volunteers, athletes, and the public. When something like the Games are so near and dear to our hearts, it is nice to know that our efforts are noticed and appreciated.


Andy Pitas and Wendy Dickson

Andy and Wendy are two exceptional athletes and volunteers for the Games. They have been involved in the Games for 22 years and combined, they have won 130 medals in several events. Andy has records for the 50-meter race and Long Jump events, and has shared his world-class voice by singing the National Anthem at the opening ceremonies for the past 20 years.

Wendy has won many track and field events, and has won the Discus throw 17 times. She holds records in the 100-meter race, Shotput, Javelin, and Discus. Together, they make an incredible team. When they found that they were being inducted into the Hall of Fame, they stated “We are somewhat surprised. Given the small number of people that are selected for induction, and the thousands who have competed in the Games over the years, there are many candidates for the Hall of Fame. We are pleased and honored to have been selected.


Ken Schoonover

Ken has been involved in Pickleball since moving to St. George, and in 2012, with the encouragement from his friends, Ken volunteered to run the computer software for the event. After serving for two years as the Assistant Director, he became the event Director, and served in this capacity until 2016. This event has grown explosively, and is held at two venues, with over 1,000 matches. Ken managed to schedule and run the event smoothly, and works many long days to keep it going.

He looks forward to the Games every year, and is expanding his involvement by competing in the Lawn Bowling events, along with running the Pickleball tournaments.

When he found out about his induction, Ken said “It is a tremendous honor to be inducted. I am grateful and humbled to be included in the ranks of those who helped make the Huntsman World Senior Games such a great organization”.


Doyle Swallow

Doyle is originally from Mayfield, Utah. He received his bachelor’s degree from BYU, and his Master’s degree from the University of Utah. He served as a school Principal in Guam for four years, and the Superintendent of Schools in Kane County for 22 years, where he promoted both academics and sports. When he retired, the Kanab High School created the Doyle Swallow award, which is given to the school’s outstanding male and female athlete each year.

Doyle was one of the original participants in the very first World Senior Games, and is a member of the 30-year club. He participated in a variety of events, including Golf, Tennis, Horseshoes, Bridge, Basketball, Pickleball, and Table Tennis. Doyle received many medals each year that he participated, and one highlight was when he shot a hole-in-one in golf on a 160-yard par 3. Another highlight was when he and his daughter received silver medals in the horseshoe doubles when he was 87 and she was 51 years old.

Doyle shared his feeling on his induction by saying “I am honored to be inducted into the Huntsman World Senior Games Hall of Fame. It came as a big surprise to me. Participating in the Games for 30 consecutive years was one of the highlights of my life. I loved everything about the Games! I appreciate the organizers and volunteers for their hard work and dedication, and those with the vision to make the Games a reality”.