Harriet Brin

Harriet Brin grew up in a small Kansas town, where playing table tennis was a recreational activity. She played while attending college at Fort Hayes State University, and took the sport up again competitively in 1996.

Harriet first attended the Huntsman World Senior Games in 1999, competing in singles, doubles, mixed doubles and rated events. Over the course of 16 years, she has won 11 Gold, 13 Silver, and 10 Bronze medals and made many lasting friendships.

Harriet says that she competes in the Games because she enjoys playing Table Tennis. Her concern was to play well and be competitive for her opponents. Harriet states "The medals were just icing on the cake".

When asked to share her feelings on being inducted, Harriet says: "Never in my wildest imagination did I feel like I would meet the criteria for this honor. I am overwhelmed and very honored and humbled."

Greg Close

Greg lives in Hanalei, Hawaii and founded the Kings Mountain Fog Volleyball club in 1978, and has coached, played and managed the team since that time. Greg was instrumental in bringing the concept of the Global Cup championship tournament to the Games. He led the Kings Mountain Fog to victory over Russia in the inaugural event in 2006.

Currently the team has 18 Huntsman World Senior Games championships, 18 National championships, a Global Cup championship, a World Masters Games championship and a total of 79 medals. Greg says that since 90 is the new middle age, he has plenty of time to win a few more!

Greg says that as a team representative, he represents his players and the interests of all players to the tournament directors and organizers. When asked about his feelings on being inducted into the Hall of Fame, Greg states: "I felt surprised and honored. Then humble and grateful to all of those who led and advised me so wisely. Thanks to my wife, Linda, who actively supports our Club and players. I am blessed to be surrounded by wonderful teammates and lifelong friends. I strive for the motto on the Huntsman World Senior Games’ medals - Peace, Health, and Friendship."

Ed and Joan Eliason

Ed and Joan have been a significant part of building the Archery events at the Huntsman Games. Ed began a lifelong love of archery as a five year old. Ed participated on the United States Olympic Team in 1972 in Munich, Germany, finishing 5th. He has won seven National titles. He has taught and coached archers for decades, and Joan has been his biggest fan and supporter.

Joan has often managed and worked as a volunteer at the Archery events, offering her support to Ed and other archers. Ed has been the co-director of the Games Archery events for seven years, and Joan has served those same years as a manager for the target assignments, scoring, and results. Together they are an impressive team. 

Ed and Joan said that being inducted into the Hall of Fame "Is just amazing. We are especially honored to be inducted together. We share this honor with our volunteers, without whom the archery events would be impossible. We love seeing our archery friends at the Huntsman Games!"

Norm and Kathleen Frable

Norm and Kathy have participated in the Games for 16 years, both as athletes and volunteers. As athletes, both of them have an impressive record of winning medals in their events every year for the past 15 years. They also have received numerous awards at the National level.

As Volunteers, they have worked together as the Directors of the Race Walking events for the past 11 years, organizing and managing the details so that the event runs like clockwork. As Ambassadors for the Games, they have invited many athletes to participate in the Games.

The Frables are very pleased and honored to be inducted into the Huntsman World Senior Games Hall of Fame.

Ron Hager

Ron received his PhD in 1996 from Arizona State University, and has worked at Brigham Young University for the past 17 years. Ron has been attending the Huntsman world Senior Games for 16 consecutive years after being invited to assist with the health screenings.  He believes that the screenings provide benefits to the participants, students, and society through research, education and collaboration.

Ron has worked to expand the health screenings, involving students, updating screening protocols, and conducting research on healthy seniors. Ron has also participated as an athlete, winning a Silver medal in tennis singles. Some of his favorite memories at the Games screenings have been when his children have come to help.

Ron says , "I am thinking that I follow the footsteps of Steven Heiner and now have the honor of carrying his vision into coming years. My association with the Games has been a great blessing to me. It is an unexpected privilege and honor to me to be inducted into the Hall of Fame."

Doris Hutchings

Doris has participated in the Huntsman Games for 24 years as an athlete and a volunteer. Doris started playing volleyball at the Games in 1993 on the first women's team. This was the only women's team that first year, so they played against the men's teams. She has played every year since then, participating in volleyball, bowling and tennis.

Doris assisted Richard Downer with the Volleyball events for years, then in 2002, Doris assisted Bill Givens with setting up and organizing the Softball program. Doris has won many Gold medals, along with Silver and Bronze. She says that the medals don't mean nearly as much to her as the friendships she has made through the years. Doris exemplifies dedication to the Games. Doris says that upon finding out about being inducted, she felt "Humbled, honored, thrilled and excited. This is a dream come true! Thank you to the Huntsman World Senior Games."

Ole Larson

Ole has competed in the Huntsman World Senior Games’ swimming events for 15 years. He is an avid exercise fanatic, and has been a competitive swimmer for 25 years. After receiving his Doctorate in Education, Ole spent many years coaching college teams in swimming, diving and synchronized swimming.  Ole says he was first introduced to the Games by a senior athlete at home in Boone, North Carolina. He said that he asked her about the Games, and travelled to St. George to compete with his wife Gardia in 2001.

Ole says, "I have a motto when traveling - Pay attention, be astonished, and talk about it! The Huntsman World Senior Games are like that, your fellow competitors pay attention to your efforts. They are astonished by your accomplishments. And they want to talk to you about what keeps you motivated to compete".

In the years that Ole has competed, he has entered nine events every year, which is the maximum number allowed. He hasn't kept track of the numbers, but he has won several Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and has set a number of records in the Games events.

On being inducted, he states: "I feel that I have a love affair with both the swimmers and the Huntsman World Senior Games, especially all of the wonderful volunteers. I am grateful for all the powerful and kind experiences I have had at the Games, and to the surrounding St. George community. Being selected for the Hall of Fame is one of the highlights of my life. I am truly honored and proud to have been selected."

Kent and Myra Nicklas

Kent and Myra have been participating in the Games as athletes and volunteers for 17 years. In 1998, Myra and Kent first registered as participants in the Square Dancing events. They competed and earned several medals, as well as volunteering as Timers for the Square Dance competitions.

This amazing couple has been instrumental in the success of the Square Dance events, being experienced in all three levels of dancing - Mainstream, Plus and Advanced. After dancing and volunteering in Square Dancing, health issues made dancing difficult for this couple, who have been married for sixty years.

They carried on as volunteers, stuffing 10,000 participant bags in the week prior to the Games, and working with registration for the two weeks during the Games. Upon hearing of their induction, they said, "We are shocked, awed, surprised and proud that we have been selected to be in the Hall of Fame. Thank you!"


Raeburn "Ray" O'Dell

Ray has been involved with the Games since 1995. He has worked as an invaluable assistant in the Social Golf events. He also plays in Medal Golf, and has won 2 Gold medals. His wife, Barbara, worked with him for 16 years and he enjoyed having her share this time with him and their golfing guests.

Ray says that Social Golf is the really fun part of golf - Scramble golf, food, and prizes! It doesn't get better than that! Ray says that he has enjoyed working with great people and athletes at the Games. The Games present wonderful opportunities for older athletes to enjoy themselves and create great success stories. . When asked about his feelings on being inducted into the Hall of Fame, Ray said, "It is a great honor. I realize that thousands of people have participated in the Games, and only a few receive this recognition. It has been a great run, and now that I am 80 years old, others will soon carry on. I have appreciated all of the Games staff, and give my thanks to all."

Joe Purcella

Joe has been involved with the Huntsman World Senior Games for 25 years and counting.  Joe has sponsored and played on several volleyball and softball teams. The first team he sponsored was his wife’s softball team, the Colorado Signals. She chose the uniform, which had red hats, yellow shirts, and green shorts. They looked just like traffic signals!

Joe has sponsored many teams since then, and for many years has transported teams and equipment to St. George for the Games.  This year he is sponsoring six men's volleyball teams, and will be playing on one of the 76+ and 79+ teams he is sponsoring.

Upon hearing of his induction, Joe states, "This is a real honor to be inducted into such a professional organization, which brings in large numbers of volunteers during the Games. It is a real pleasure to be involved in a fabulous organization that was started 30 years ago by such great people as John H. Morgan, Jr., and the principal sponsors Jon and Karen Huntsman.  Thanks to all of the people who made this the greatest event in my athletic life. GOD BLESS!"

Warren Wright

Warren began his involvement with the Huntsman World Senior Games in 1997 as an athlete, and as a volunteer. Warren has managed the "C.O.O.L." team (members from California, Oregon, Ohio and any Leftovers). Over the past 19 years, Warren has played in every session of volleyball. He has earned 10 Gold, 7 Silver, and 12 Bronze medals at the Huntsman Games.  

As a volunteer, Warren has kept score, managed, and coached teams. In 2011, he worked with the Games staff to create the 80+ age bracket. Warren has inspired many athletes to participate in the Games, and is an excellent role model and team player.

When asked about his feelings on being inducted, Warren said, "I am absolutely flabbergasted! To be honored by such a wonderful organization is a dream. I have been treated so well, as an individual, and want to return next year. I appreciate the staff and volunteers that make the Games so special.”