Linda Cohn

Linda has been involved in the Games for 12 years. She has accumulated over 60 medals and holds several track and field records at the Games, and has become the National and World Champion for her age group in the javelin competition.

As to her feelings upon being inducted, Linda states: "… my experiences with the Huntsman World Senior Games have been a fulfillment of my dreams. My wonderful first experience at the Games altered my life's path forever. The Games sparked a desire to see where Track and Field could take me, and has allowed me to travel the world to compete and become a World Champion".

Vic Corin

Vic has participated in every Huntsman Games since the competitions started. He was influential in starting the basketball competition at the Games and has been a driving force in bringing teams and players from Canada to compete.

Vic says he has enjoyed playing basketball since he was twelve years old, and has enjoyed playing basketball in tournaments around the world. Vic has participated in the Games as a player, and even when unable to play due to some inconveniences like knee replacements, he participated as a coach.

Vic is extremely honored to be inducted, and said “I feel this honor is more for perfect attendance and not for my athletic ability."

Rhett Farrer

Rhett has been a volunteer for the Games for twenty three years. He started in 1991, when John Morgan asked him to provide first aid for the many athletes that were attending. He has been actively supporting the Games since then. Rhett sacrificed his vacation time in order to cover his time at the Games. He says, “It was normal in the beginning to be on the ball fields until 1:00 am, and be back at 5:00 am to do it again. My wife thinks I work for T-shirts and hats!"

Rhett has had several positions he has filled: First aid responder, event coordinator, Chairman of the Medical Committee, acquisitions of physicians, and liaison with Dixie Regional Medical Center. Through his efforts, Dixie Regional has become a top level sponsor for the Games.

As for his feelings upon being inducted, he says:" I am very honored to be a part of this group I look at the inductees, and I have worked with most of them. This is a great tribute and thank you to me and my family".

Jim Hamilton

Jim heard about the Huntsman Games from a fellow runner, and in 2007 he entered the 5K and 10K competitions. Always one to challenge himself, he set his sights on breaking the record for the 85-89 age division. That year, he accomplished his goal by breaking both records. In the 2012 Games, he moved up to the 90-94 age division and set records in the 5K and 10K events. These four records still stand today.

Jim says "I feel honored and thankful to be selected as a member of the Huntsman World Senior Games Hall of Fame. I thank the committee members who deemed it appropriate to include me in such a prestigious group. I appreciate the feelings of those who combined their efforts to present my name for consideration. … The 10K race through the canyon is awe inspiring. It has to be the most beautiful course in the world. Thank you again for this honor".

Harvey Hewgill

Harvey began his relationship with the Games in 1994, when he sponsored a 50+ Softball team, the Legends. Since then, the sponsorship has grown to include a 60+, 65+, and 70+ Legends team, as well as the Hewcor Bandits. The Legends were among the first Eastern Canadian team to play in the Games.

Since his involvement in the Games, his wife Helen has become a cancer survivor. This has made the Games and their dedication to health and wellness even more meaningful.

Upon learning of his induction into the Hall of Fame, Harvey said “I am totally surprised and in disbelief on being selected. It had never even remotely entered my mind that I would be considered for such an honour. As great an honour as it is for me, my family and my teammates, it is also extremely rewarding and overwhelming to know that my nominating peers thought such an award was justified”.

Sandy King

Sandy started volunteering for the Games over twenty years ago, back in the days when runner’s times were still written down by hand! Sandy has worked at various events, including the 5K, 10K, and half marathon.

Sandy says "It is an honor to be among those who have been honored in the past, and the present. I have loved being a small part of the Games staff and family. I have made wonderful friendships with the athletes and their spouses. It has been my privilege to be a part of this great team!"

Carl Lamar

Carl has been volunteering his time and talent to the Huntsman World Senior Games for twenty seven years. Carl has acted as an emcee for a number of events for the Games. Carl‘s first involvement with the Games began as a broadcaster. His radio station, local favorite KONY, aired the first few years of the opening ceremonies live.

Most recently he has acted as the emcee for the second week ceremonies, and the Hall of Fame banquet. Carl is the voice of the Games, and is a beloved member of the community who advocates the Games mission of nurturing worldwide friendship, health, and peace at a local and global level.

Carl notes ”I am honored to be included in such a distinguished group of volunteers, sponsors, and most of all, athletes. I greatly appreciate this honor. I am humbled”.

Dan Needy

Dan has been an athlete, administrator, and volunteer for the Games over the past twenty years, and has excelled in every role. For the first ten years, Dan was involved in the Games as an athlete. He played softball for a Major Plus team out of Las Vegas. When he was ready to hang up his softball glove, Dan was hired as the Assistant to the Director of Sports. Dan then added marketing duties, where he excelled at getting the “stories” of the Games published.

Dan says “My passion in 2006 was to start a Hall of Fame for the Games. I felt strongly that there needed to be a platform to recognize those who blazed trails and set the standards high. I am not convinced I have a right to be in this elite group. However, I am deeply honored to be inducted into the Hall of Fame”.

Fred Newman

We are honoring Fred posthumously. In the words of his friend Jim ‘Makevery’ Schotz: Fred was an exemplary athlete who competed in the basketball Free Throw and Hot Shot events. Fred told his friend and fellow basketball competitors that the Games were the most challenging event of the year.

Fred would be very happy to receive this honor. Fred held five Guinness Book of World Records: 1- The highest percentage of free throws for 24 hours of shooting, 2-The most free throws made in 24 hours (20,371), 3- The most made in ten minutes (388), 4- The most free throws made in a row while blindfolded (88), 5- The most made in one hour (1639).

Fred won many medals during his competing years at the Games, and always brought the spirit of camaraderie and friendship to the sports he participated in. We are proud to have been able to know and compete with Fred, and know he would be honored to be inducted into the Huntsman Hall of Fame.

Guy Ruiz

Guy has been participating in the Games for the past 13 years as a player and coach in the Softball events. Guy has been instrumental in bringing teams from Hawaii to the Games. This year, Guy is bringing a new team, the “Ka Pili”, to the Games, which will introduce seventeen new players to the Games. This year, Guy is also planning to play on the 65’s team while coaching the 60’s team! He is hoping that the schedules will cooperate with his ambition.

Guy greatly enjoys the Games, and the people of St. George, Utah. He has been an advocate and ambassador, bringing many athletes and teams to participate. About being inducted into the Hall of Fame, Guy states: “Next to marrying my wife of 50 years, this is a most exhilarating experience. I cannot believe that I am fortunate in being honored, and what an honor for me and my family. God bless you all for having me in your Hall of Fame.”

Tybie Thall Sommer

Tybie has been an advocate and participant in the Games for the last twenty years. A two time World Champion in Table Tennis, Tybie has brought her skills and talents to the Games, offering Table Tennis clinics to participants and by proposing that the Huntsman Games be considered a qualifying event for the National Senior Games Association.

Tybie has been influential as an ambassador by introducing many new players to the magic of the Games. Tybie has been a Gold Medalist many times at the Games, and continues to compete at the age of 90. She is a wonderful role model for others.

On being inducted into the Hall of Fame, Tybie says that the founders of the Games set “a finer tone - to foster worldwide friendship, health and peace. Because the Games are unique, I feel privileged to receive this high honor of being inducted into the Huntsman World Senior Games Hall of Fame!”

Judy & Bill Whitlow

Judy and Bill were asked to become scorekeepers for the Basketball events in 1996. They have since logged many hours (and years!) of service to the Games. After the first year, they were asked to be in charge of a basketball venue, a role they filled for another three years.

We then were asked to become a part of the Information Service team. We worked another four years, and then were asked in 2008 to become co-chairmen of the Information Services, where we are still going strong!

Upon being informed of their induction into the Hall of Fame, the Whitlows remarked:” What a total surprise! It is a real honor to be a part of the Hall of Fame. We thoroughly enjoy being part of the Games, and meeting the great athletes. We have a wonderful group of volunteers who do a great job every year”.