Ken Bower
Ken began his career of square dance calling in 1962 in Des Moines, Iowa. He has toured the United States every year since 1964, as well as calling in counties such as Australia, China, England, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan and Sweden.
Ken has participated in the Huntsman World Senior Games for 15 years, working with Gary Shoemake to create the Square Dancing competition for the Games. Not usually considered a competitive sport, it was the cooperative efforts of Gary and Ken that created the parameters that are used for the Square Dancing competition.
Ken explains, “Square Dancing requires a caller to give the dancers their commands on the dance floor. It challenges their minds, creates a lot of fun and literally keeps the dancers on their toes!”
When asked his feelings on being inducted into the Hall of Fame, Ken stated, “I feel very honored that I will be inducted and it has been a privilege to be associated with the Huntsman World Senior Games for 15 years. I appreciate what the Huntsman family has done for seniors by encouraging them to keep their minds and bodies heathy and active at all ages. Thank you very much for this honor.”
Rawle Clarke
Rawle Clarke is the epitome of a Huntsman World Senior Games ambassador. He lives in Barbados, and is very involved with the senior athletic program in that country. Rawle came to the Games for the first time in 4004 with a handful of athletes. Since then, he has added to his county’s athlete base and has brought additional athletes to compete in sports that the group did not participate in previously. To date, he has recruited athletes to compete in over 12 sports. The athletes who come to Utah on Team Barbados need to qualify for a spot on the team. They train all year, and the competition is fierce. 
This raises the level of competition at the Games. Rawle is the person who makes this happen. He organized the training sessions and qualifying events in Barbados, makes all the arrangements for Team Barbados, and coordinates all the team activities. Rawle truly embodies the “Spirit of the Games”.
Rawle says, “I have won numerous awards throughout my sporting and administrative life, but as a recipient of, to be inducted in the Games’ Hall of Fame, this is going to be the most measureable and fitting occasion of my ‘senior’ life.”
Dixie State University
Established a century ago in 1911 and built on the site of the first pioneer encampment in St. George, Dixie State University strives to help students define, shape and achieve educational and life goals.
An open enrollment institution, Dixie State believes in educational access for al land is dedicated to serving its student community with small class sizes, passionate faculty and staff members who strive to make the student experience memorable. Dixie State also follows a tradition of community involvement, and has supported and sponsored the Huntsman World Senior Games since its inception. Dixie State offers its hospitality to the Games by providing the venues for sporting events, awards ceremonies, concerts and the opening ceremonies – which are held at Hansen Stadium.
Dixie State University is honored to be inducted into the Huntsman World Senior Games Hall of Fame.  We are proud to join an incredible group of athletes, organizations, sponsors, volunteers and benefactors who have all contributed of time talents and resources to ensure the success and viability of this event for more than 25 years. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Games for many more years to come.
Ralph Elliott
Ralph is known as the “Voice of Cycling” at the Huntsman World Senior Games. His passion and flair add color and excitement to the events that he announces, and he makes everyone feel like a part of the Games family.
Ralph began as a bicycle racer in 1968 and by 1969 had captured the California State Road Championship. He raced as a pro for over 10 years, where he won many championships. Ralph has directed hundreds of races and provided the voice for thousands more – including the Huntsman World Senior Games for 24 years.
Ralph has provided more than just his voice to the Games. He has provided race set-up, announcing and cleaning up after the finish line is crossed. He is the first one there every morning and the last one to leave every day. He is most remembered for his line, “This is Metro Golden Elliott reminding you that it’s not whether you win or lose, but how much fun you have! Enjoy the ride!”
Ralph says, “I am honored to be a member of the Huntsman World Senior Games Hall of Fame. I put my heart and soul into the event. The Games are like going to the Olympics for people 50+. Also, I never miss the Opening Ceremonies. It lets you know the world is still okay in Southern Utah!
Margie Fitzgerald
Margie demonstrates the spirit of the senior games movement. She had never played softball until she joined the California Spirit 55 team. Her first competition in the Huntsman World Senior Games was in 2000when she and her teammates won the first of many gold medals. Margie plays the outfield with grace and speed. She is also a pinch-runner for players many years her junior. Her coach suggested she try track and field events. With the encouragement of her teammates, Margie decided to give it a try. The Huntsman World Senior Games encourages athletes to participate in more than one event, so Margie put on her running shoes and competed for the first time in track and field in 2007. Right away she began breaking records! Margie currently holds the Games records for her age group in five events and holds two American records in Master’s Track and Field.
Margie says, “I feel pride and gratitude to receive this honor. The Huntsman World Senior Games has given me and other seniors the opportunity to challenge ourselves. I am thrilled to represent the thousands of seniors who love to compete.”
Richard “Dick” Nourse
Originally from Grand Junction, Colorado, Dick started his career in radio as a teenager, where his drive and ambition soon caught the attention of listeners and manager alike.
He expanded his horizons by attending Mesa State College in Grand Junction and later BYU in Provo. In 1964, following a stint in the Army and a period of TV commercial work, Dick joined KSL-TV channel 5 in Salt Lake City, UT, and has never looked back.
Over the next 43 years, Dick built one of the most impressive followings of nay journalist in the country. He became the voice Utahan’s trusted most to bring them the vital news of the day. Dick has been involved in many foundations and associations, including serving as president and honorary chair of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Dick had brought his enthusiasm and energy to other projects as well. He was pivotal in shaping the curriculum of the Dick Norse New Media Center at Dixie State University in St. George. Dick has been at the heart and soul of the Huntsman World Senior Games nearly from the beginning. Year after year, he has acted as the booming voice and welcoming face of the Games as he served as the emcee for the opening ceremonies.
Dick has been able to leverage his celebrity and media contacts to secure television coverage for the Games. Dick currently sits on the Board of Directors and serves on Board committees as he hleps further the mission of fostering worldwide peace, health and friendship.
Yaroslav Novitskiy
Yaroslav is a swimmer from Russia. He first participated in the Huntsman World Senior Games in 1995. This year will celebrate his 18th year of attendance.
Yaroslav is a world-class swimmer who has participated in swimming competitions throughout the world – from Brazil, Australia and Russia to Canada and St. George, Utah.
Yaroslav has also served as an Ambassador for the Games. He has attended and participated in almost every Ambassador workshop. As an Ambassador, he has helped spread the word about the Games in Russia and the Ukraine. Yaroslav has written articles that have been published in major sports publications in Russia and has successfully recruited many athletes – especially swimmers – to come to the Games.
Yaroslav has exhibited exceptional athletic achievement. He has won over 162 medals at the Games. At present, he has won over 330 international competitions, with an amazing 2195 medals awarded to him over his 33 years of competitive swimming.
Yaroslav said, “Thanks! Thanks a lot for the appreciation and honor you have given me in being inducted into the Hall of Fame!”
Pat Owen
Pat has be participating in the Huntsman World Senior Games for 21 years as an athlete, displaying his talent in softball, basketball, golf and track, and as the director for basketball.
Pat is well organized and prepared, whether he is managing an event or participating as an athlete. He has an aptitude for organization, and puts everything in order so that everything runs like a well-oiled machine.
Pat’s enthusiasm and dedication has taken him above the ordinary in his athletic achievements as well as his achievement in growing the basketball events at the Huntsman World Senior Games. 
Pat says, “It is a great honor to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The Huntsman World Senior Games are concerned about the participants and lets the outcome happen.”
Rosey Rosander
John “Rosey” Rosander is a vivid fan of the Huntsman World Senior Games. He started volunteering 20 years ago when he worked in Tennis. Currently, he is in charge of Basketball Shoot.
Rosey has such a love for the Games that he has involved his family for many years, including his wife, children, parents, brothers and sisters. Making it a family affair has brought in many generations to love and appreciate the Games.
Now that he is eligible to compete he says that he has won a silver medal during the 25th year anniversary of the Games. “I could have won a gold medal, but it was the silver anniversary and it meant more to me to win the silver,” Rosey observed.
On finding out about his induction to the Hall of Fame, Rosey said, “I feel like I am being adopted by my second family. I look forward to being part of such an awesome group of people. Every year I look forward to being part of this first-class operation.”
Gary Shoemake
Fifteen years ago, square dancing was introduced to the Huntsman World Senior Games. Gary worked with Ken Bower to create a competitive venue for square dancers, allowing them to compete for medals in an event they usually did for fun.
Gary says, “It has been a true pleasure to watch the program grow to the largest in the nation. To be a part of such a wonderful program is surely an honor. To be able to challenge these dancers, both with physical and mental exercises, fits so well in the Games. Many of them train all year to be able to participate. Mental and physical exercise set to music – hard to beat!”
On being inducted, Gary states, “It is truly an honor to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. I have travelled the world and called for presidents, governors, and emperors. This surely fits into the very top of the list for my lifetime achievements. My thanks go to Scott Smith and Dave and Rosemarie Chapman for all they have done for this program.”
George Tokarsky
When one thinks of influential players in the world of Canadian senior volleyball, George Tokarsky’s name must rise to the top of the list.
George started the Canada-USA Continental Volleyball Cup in 2002, and the generous first host was the Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George, Utah. The 50’s Continental Cup was held from 2002 until 2004, after which it evolved into the 50’s Global Cup, which is held every year at the Games – alternating each year between men’s and women’s teams.
Every year, George organizes and manages both the men’s and women’s Canadian teams. It is worth noting the success that the teams have been able to achieve. In 2008, Team Canada’s men’s team won the Global Cup followed by the women’s team in 2009.
George also works ceaselessly to recruit teams from other counties to participate in the Global Cup. George is a humble, unassuming champion of the World Senior Games. Because of his efforts, the Games have become better known outside the United States. George fosters the mission of worldwide peace, health and friendship. 
George says, “It is a great honor to be recognized by such a well-run and first-rate organization!”