Karen Foss - Santa Clara, Utah

Karen has dedicated countless hours and effort toward numerous endeavors with the Games, both as a volunteer and as a competitor.  In the past, she more than excelled as the Facilitator for the Ambassador Workshops.  Notably, Karen is a 24-hour walking Ambassador for the Games. When traveling, she unceasingly promotes the Games through personal contact, distributing Games brochures and wearing logo gear. 

Karen has also been instrumental in multiple administrative capacities.    Among other roles, she has served as Assistant Director for Social Golf, and co-chair of the Refreshment Committee -- helping keep our athletes going during competition.

Golf and bowling have been Karen’s primary competitive sports.  Though never one to limit herself, Karen continues to participate in various competitive sports such as swimming, Track & Field and cycling.



Don McNabb - St. George, Utah 

Don’s enthusiasm for volunteering is reflected in his continuous dedication to and support of the Games.   As the Director of Social Golf, Don has overseen tremendous growth in sport of Social Golf. He is always looking for opportunities to ensure the success, as well as improve the quality of this Golfing extravaganza.

In addition to Golfing, Don stays ever busy enjoying other activities including hiking and swimming. 

Don and family also unselfishly help support numerous other civic organizations within the community.  Nonetheless, he tirelessly devotes himself to making the Games golf events even better each year.



Merritt & Bernice Perriseau - Tujunga, California

Merritt and Bernice have been addicted to the Games since they first became involved in 1995. In fact, with exception of the 1999 competition - when the National Games Volleyball competition in Florida conflicted with the local schedule - Bernice has not missed a volleyball competition.

Together, Merritt and Bernice have supported the Games in every way that they could.  In addition to competing in events, Bernice continues to assist competitions with volleyball scoring and standings.  They have both been on the Equipment Committee since the year 2000.  Merritt was instrumental in helping to get the initial volleyball Sport Court floors in the Dixie Center. 

They look forward to the Games each and every year and to revisit with the many friends they have made at the Games.



David & Rose Marie Chapman - St. George, Utah 

David and Rose Marie are a team that can be counted on.  They have served administratively in support of the Games in many areas, including the swimming events, registration, and preparation of Participant Welcome Bags. 

They have competed and medalled continuously in Bowling and Square Dancing earning Gold, Silver and Bronze at various times in both sports.  

David and Rose Marie continue to serve, for their sixth year, as Square Dance Directors.  Their level of all-around contributions and commitment is a key ingredient, which enables the Games and especially Square Dancing to get stronger each and every year.


Alice Sanchez - Lake Forest, California

When Alice started playing Volleyball competitively with the Huntsman World Senior Games there were six women’s teams and about seven men’s teams.  Currently there are over one hundred total teams.  And, if you ask Alice, she will tell you that the fact that the numbers are still growing is a testament to the whole Volleyball leadership team.

She is gracious in giving credit for this growth to John Morgan and Friends.  But we also know that without the convictions and persistence of folks like Alice that the Games couldn’t go on without them. 

Alice attended her 45th USA Volleyball Nationals last year, which proves that she is a serious competitor.  Likewise, she has worked tirelessly to bring in more and more Volleyball teams, to further enhance and grow the Volleyball competition of the Games.   


Amer Chand - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Amer, without a doubt, has the credentials in Volleyball, both in competition and officiating.   He has an extensive life experience in the sport from recruitment to officiating, and yes, competing.  He has won numerous Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in Volleyball competition at the Games beginning in 1992.

Since the Games added Volleyball in 1992, Amer has devotedly officiated, recruited and assigned Volleyball officials for the HUNTSMAN WORLD SENIOR GAMES.  

Amer’s valued experience with various organizations and National competition such as the USA Volleyball Open Championships is a true asset to the Games, resulting in an improvement to the entire Huntsman World Senior Games Volleyball platform. 


Richard ‘Dick’ Groves - St. George, Utah

Dependability is what Richard is all about.  During his tenure with the Games, he has contributed untold hours and effort in various capacities. From the assembly and passing out of athlete welcome bags to sport timing and scoring, among others, he has been there when needed. 

Richard knowledge and expertise with Ham Radio and Safety requirements have also been very valuable to the Games.

For the past six years, as Co-chair of the Transportation committee he has helped to ensure, like clock work, the many transporting needs of athletes from all over the world.  Richard gives credit to his peers as an “outstanding group of volunteers” who have excelled in this endeavor to make each year better.   


Donnell E. (Don) Leavitt II - St. George, Utah 

Don has the caliber of experience that ensures quality and success within the Huntsman World Senior Games.  He has officiated football and basketball at the high school level for numerous years.  And, with eight kids and twenty-seven grandchildren, it’s not surprising that Don’s officiating excellence is down to a science.

Over the past thirteen years, Don has assisted in officiating in the Games primarily within the sport of Basketball.  Accordingly, Don’s dedication and many contributions in support of the Huntsman World Senior Games sports are sincerely valued. He also has the distinction of being a language specialist in past years for the Games.

Don feels it an honor to be part of those who have contributed so much time and service to help make the Games so successful.


Robert (Bob) Reinman - Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Bob has competed in Volleyball since he became associated with the Games in 1996.  Prior to this, he played and competed in German senior national championships and also coached in German volleyball leagues. 

Serving as a Huntsman World Senior Games Ambassador for the past few years, Bob was influential in helping to bring many volleyball teams from Germany, including a 1972 Munich Olympics women’s team, to compete in the Games. 

Bob has participated in, and contributed immensely as an athlete, as an Ambassador for the Huntsman World Senior Games, and as a Volleyball official during his eleven years with the Games.   He is what helps to make the Games a worldwide adventure.    



Ken Rahn - Northridge, California 

Ken serves in many capacities with his volleyball team, including competitor, team manager, team representative, coach, and team organizer.   During the ten years he has been involved with the Games, he has garnered the prestigious MVP award/ recognition and several Gold medals with teams he has both played for and coached.

Ken was a member of the 2006 Global Cup championship team. He credits his teammates and teams for the great work and effort they put forth.   

We get the distinct impression that Ken equates his enjoyment of the Games to his enjoyment of hiking. When he takes hiking trips – including those to the Alps- he scales the highest peaks, just like he has scaled to the highest levels of volleyball.  



Alice Pust  - Santaquin, Utah 

In terms of outdoor activities, Alice loves to be hiking, camping and biking.  Biking is a sport at which she really excels, as demonstrated by the past 16 years competing at the Huntsman World Senior Games. 

We honor Alice, not only for her selfless dedication and contribution to the Games, but also for her determination and perseverance in overcoming what would seem to be insurmountable obstacles.  Alice encountered a severe medical condition last year that clearly indicated she should not participate in biking.  Six weeks later, against all odds, Alice was racing at last year’s Games and won 6 Gold Medals. 

It’s stories of overcoming by individuals like Alice that makes us all proud to be associated with the Games. Through Alice, it is easy to see a reflection of the goals and achievements found in sporting competition in life competitions.   


Haven J. Barlow - Layton, Utah  

Back in the days when John Morgan was trying to organize the Games, he looked for community and state leaders that could help build something really worthwhile. Haven was one the first people John contacted. Haven responded immediately - with enthusiasm! Haven used his position as president of the Utah State Senate to lend prestige to the fledgling event.

Haven has competed in tennis for the past 21 years and has won his fair share of medals. He is proud of his accomplishments at the Games and grateful to those with whom he has partnered in the doubles competition in tennis over the years.

Haven has a great love of the Games and is especially gratified to see how the Games have grown to be a major event and an economic engine for Southern Utah.


Richard L. “Rick” Warner (Deceased) Salt Lake City, Utah 

Rick Warner had always been interested in athletics. As a young boy he was looking forward to a possible career as a professional football player. His dreams of being a professional athlete were dashed when he was injured while skating at the age of nine. Even after multiple surgeries, one of his legs was three inches shorter than the other.

Realizing that a professional football career was out of the question, Rick discovered Tennis. He really took to tennis and eventually became a collegiate champion at the University of Utah. He was also a champion at the Huntsman World Senior Games. He won many gold and other medals during his 12 visits to the Games.

Rick was known to carry his tennis racquet while traveling. We have no doubt now that he is on the other side he is still carrying a racquet looking for a good match and talking with other Games athletes who have passed over about all the great times.



M Royce Jones - St. George, Utah

Royce Jones was Director of the St. George Area Chamber of Commerce back in the 1980s.  There was much concern on the part of businesses and motel owners as to what could be done to give the area a much-needed economic boost during the non-winter months. 

In November of 1986, Royce and his wife, Jill, celebrated their wedding anniversary at a new hotel/restaurant in St. George called the Hilton Hotel.  They ran into their friends (and owners of the Hilton), John and Daisy Morgan.  The anniversary dinner turned into a brainstorming session that resulted in what is now the Senior Games.

John said of Royce, “You couldn’t have found a stronger supporter [of the Games]. Royce just seemed to love the Games and loved St. George; and wanted to help them grow and succeed.”