DIRECTOR: Clark Hancock

ASSISTANT: Doug Wenger

COVID19 POLICY: Please refer to our COVID19 policy by clicking here


In an effort to fulfill our mission of fostering worldwide peace, health and friendship, we are excited to announce, on our 35th anniversary, the Friendship Festival. We invite all athletes and their friends, volunteers, sponsors and community members to join us for six nights of food, fun, entertainment and friendship. The festival will provide flexibility for participants to attend at their convenience on any or all nights of what is sure to be a new favorite opportunity to connect with old friends and make new ones regardless of your sport.

EVENTS: Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles

Monday, Oct. 3 - 8:00 am - 7:30 pm
Tuesday, Oct. 4 - 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Wednesday, Oct. 5 - 8:00 am - 7:30 pm
Thursday, Oct. 6 - 8:00 am - 7:30 pm
Friday, Oct. 7 - 8:00 am - 7:30 pm
Saturday, Oct. 8 - 8:00 am - 7:30 pm

60+, 65+, 70+, 75+, 80+, 85+, 90+, 95+, 100+
Singles begin Monday, Oct. 3 - Saturday, Oct. 8 (if needed)
Doubles begin Tuesday, Oct. 4 - Saturday, Oct. 8 (if needed)
Mixed Doubles begin Wednesday, Oct. 5 – Saturday, Oct. 8 (if needed)

50+, 55+,
Thursday Oct. 6 - Sat Oct. 8
Singles begin Thursday, Oct. 6 - Saturday, Oct. 8 
Doubles begin Thursday, Oct. 6 - Saturday, Oct. 8
Mixed Doubles begin Thursday, Oct. 6 – Saturday, Oct. 8

Tonaquint Tennis Complex, 1851 South Dixie Drive, St. George 84770
Dixie High School, 350 East 700 South, St. George, 84770
Pine View High School, 2850 East 750 North, St. George, 84790
Desert Hills High School, 828 Desert Hills Dr E, St. George, UT 84790
Crimson Cliffs High School, 4430 S Crimson Cliffs Way, Washington, UT 84780

Age Divisions: Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles: 5-Year Age Brackets
Skill Divisions: Open - NTRP of 3.5 and above; Challenger – NTRP of 3.5 and lower

Age Divisions: 
Individuals / Partners: 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+ 75+, 80+, 85+, 90+, 95+, 100+
Games officials reserve the right to cancel any event or combine age divisions due to insufficient entries 

$20 Per Event - Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles

Early Bird Deadline (Save $20) – August 1
Final Registration Deadline – September 1

• Event is USTA sanctioned (#250044220), however, all registration will be handled by Huntsman World Senior Games. All USA residents must be members of USTA to compete. Call USTA at 800-990-8782 for membership information.
• International Federation memberships will be honored, but International residents must create a USTA non-member account. Instructions are as follows:

    1. Go to 
    2. Select Create Account under "Do you play in a USTA program (Team Tennis, USTA Flex Leagues, Tournaments) without a USTA Membership?"
    3. Select radio button "I am new to TennisLink and want to create a new account", select Next
    4. Fill in Personal Information section and select Next (two pages)
    5. After filling out your information you will be automatically logged into your USTA profile. Your USTA Account Number will be on the top right of the page beside your name. This is the number you will submit to the Huntsman World Senior Games as your USTA Number.

• Participants must indicate their NTRP and USTA Number in the spaces provided on their registration form.
• Participants may enter a maximum of 2 events. The 2 events may include a maximum of one each of Singles, Doubles and/or Mixed Doubles.
• In Singles, age divisions 50 to 74, participants with an NTRP above 3.5 will be placed in the Open Division; those with ratings lower than 3.5 will be placed in the Challenger Division; participants with an NTRP of 3.5 must choose to play in either the Open or Challenger Division by indicating their preference on their registration form. If no choice is made, the participant will be placed in the Open Division. In age divisions 75+ there will be only one skill division.
• Participants must indicate their doubles and mixed doubles partners’ Huntsman World Senior Games Athlete Number on their registration form.
• In Doubles events, teams, age divisions 50 to 74, with a combined NTRP above 7.0 will be placed in the Open Division; teams with a combined NTRP lower than 7.0 will be placed in the Challenger Division; teams with a combined NTRP of 7.0 must choose to play in either the Open or Challenger Division by indicating their preference on their registration form. If no choice is made, the team will be placed in the Open Division. In age divisions 75+ there will be only one skill division.
• If you need a partner in any doubles event, check PartnerFinder on our website for a listing, by sport, of individuals looking for partners.
• Participants will be seeded based on past performance at the Huntsman World Senior Games and seeding information provided by USTA.
• Previous year's Challenger Division winners must play in Open Division in singles and doubles.

• USTA rules will govern play.
• Pro Penn Marathon balls will be used for play.
• Each day Singles will start first thing in the morning, followed by either Doubles then Mixed Doubles or Mixed Doubles then Doubles.
• Participants must present their Huntsman World Senior Games ID Badge at the venue check-in desk before their first match.
• Participants must also check-in at the venue check-in desk at least 15 minutes prior to each of their matches.
• It is the participants’ responsibility to check the times of each of their matches.
• Participants will be defaulted if they are unable to play within 15 minutes after their match is called.
• Matches will be best of 3 sets. Ties in the first and second set will be decided by a 7-point tie-breaker - win by 2. Third set, if required, will be a 10-point tie-breaker - win by 2.
• Draws with 5 or more participants will play a “Full Feed-In Consolation” format.
• Draws with 4 participants will play a round-robin format.
• Depending on the number of entries received, some draws may be combined – players will not be notified.
• Draws for first match will be posted at the Dixie Center the Sunday before the Games begin. They will also be available at the weekend before the Games begin.

• Matches will not be rescheduled to accommodate participants’ schedules in other sports. Tennis participants may not register for other sports scheduled during their Tennis events.
• Tennis participants are requested to provide a contact number when they check-in at the Dixie Center and at their Tennis venue (i.e., a phone number on which they may be reached during the Games).
• Participants who need to drop out of the tournament are expected to notify the Tournament Directors before leaving.
• Partners cannot be substituted mid-tournament.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded in each event for each age and skill division. The Consolation winner will receive the Bronze medal. Medals will be awarded at the conclusion of the championship match.