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In an effort to fulfill our mission of fostering worldwide peace, health and friendship, we are excited to announce, on our 36th anniversary, the Friendship Festival. We invite all athletes and their friends, volunteers, sponsors and community members to join us for six nights of food, fun, entertainment and friendship. The festival will provide flexibility for participants to attend at their convenience on any or all nights of what is sure to be a new favorite opportunity to connect with old friends and make new ones regardless of your sport.

EVENTS: Hill Climb, Criterium, Road Race, Time Trial, Bike Tour

Tuesday, Oct. 10 – Friday, Oct. 13
See Event Descriptions below

Packet Pick-up and Pre-Race Info Meetings held at the Dixie Center
Sunday, October 8, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Monday, October 9, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
• Cyclists will be required to present their Games ID Badge to receive their bib packet.

DIVISIONS: 5-Year Age Brackets
Individuals: 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+, 80+, 85+, 90+, 95+, 100+
Skill Divisions - I, II, & III, IV and Recumbent Divisions
Games officials reserve the right to cancel any event or combine age divisions due to insufficient entries.

$40 Per Event

Early Bird Deadline (Save $20) – August 1
Final Registration Deadline – September 1

• Even though we are not sanctioning with USAC, we will be following their guidelines. 
• Indicate your division on your registration form: 
 Skill Division I - Expert (Has extensive race experience) and typically holds a USAC License as a Category 1,2 or 3)
 Skill Division II - Experienced (Has been racing and riding for a while and is comfortable racing in a pack.) Typically holds a USAC License as a Category 3,4 or 5)
 Skill Division III - Recreational (Has been riding for a while and has some experience riding in a pack)
 Skill Division IV - Beginner (No racing experience)
 Recumbent Division - 2 wheels
 Recumbent Division - 3 wheels
• Athletes registering in the Recumbent Division may only participate in the Hill Climb and/or Time Trial Events
• Last year's Overall Winners in each age and skill Division (except “Division I”) MUST MOVE UP. If you have a question as to what Division or a request to downgrade a Division please contact the Games office at 800-562-1268. Request must be made before event begins.

• Official Cycling Race Tech Guides will be available at packet pick-up
• Helmets are mandatory
• No bare shoulders
• Handlebar extensions or "aerobars" are not allowed in any race with a mass start
• Start times for each race will be posted at the Games Headquarters, the Dixie Center (1835 Convention Center Dr., St. George) throughout the Games and at the race venue on race day

Hill Climb 5K uphill TT
Date: Tuesday, Oct. 10
Parking will be allowed in the designated parking lot uphill from the starting line or in the middle of the road downhill, facing uphill (follow instructions of the flag personnel).Snow Canyon is controlled by Utah State Park regulations, additional cars will be charged. 
Bathrooms are in the parking lot. Port-a-potties will be available at the bottom and the top of the hill.
All cyclists who do not have their race packet (race bib) must check-in one hour prior to their race. Start times will be posted Oct 2nd TT bars and disc wheels are permitted.
Start time and order will be posted in the Sports Lounge at the Dixie Center and at the race site. Start order is by descending catefory and age Division IV, III, II, I, recumbent-Oldest to youngest.
Check-in 7:45am
First Call 8:45am. Each rider will start separately at 30-second intervals. Late Starts are handled in accordance with USA Cycling rules: "If a rider appears later than the appointed starting time, the start will be allowed only if it does not interfere with the riders starting on schedule. In case of a late start, the appointed start time shall be used in computing the results. Please call out your race number as you cross the finish line or you may miss your overall award points. 
Time: 9:00 am First Racer begins. Even though the course is closed, riders must stay to the right of the center line ( remember, riders who have completed the race will be returning back down the course on the other side of the centerline.)
Start lineup will be 5-8 cyclists at a time - be prepared to line up 5 minutes ahead of your designated time (see Race Clock at the start line)
Venue: Snow Canyon State Park – Sand Dunes - 1002 North Snow Canyon Drive, Ivins
Distance: 5K, time trial format
Divisions: All are available. Awards will be presented on site after each category concludes. Awards will be at the start line area. We will do our best to do each category as they finish throughout the day.
Course: Uphill rollies 4% to 8%; short sections 10% to 11%; scenic, colorful canyon. We suggest you bring hats, umbrellas, sunscreen and chairs for your personal comfort. Weather can be Cool or Hot. Complimentary water and light refreshments will be available. Check for turtles under your car before you leave.

Date: Wednesday, Oct. 11
Cyclists who don't have their race packet (race bibs) must check-in one hour prior to their race.
Check-in Opens 7:45 Please be onsite early and check race schedules. Race schedules will be posted at the start line area.
First Call 8:45
Time: 9:00 am Start of first race, 3:15 will be the last Race start
Order of races: 9am Men Division IV, 9:45am Men 50-64 Division III, 10:30am Men 65-100 Division III, 11:15am Women ALL ages Divisions II, III, IV, Noon Men 65-100 Division II, 12:45pm Men 50-64 Division II, 1:30pm Women All Ages Division I, 2:15 pm Men 65-100 Division I, 3:15 Men 50-64 Division I
Venue: 120 E 1670 S. St. George, Utah 84790 (behind the Dixie Convention Center)
Timed event with aprox. distances:
34K-34 Laps - Division I: M 50-64, Aprox. 35 minutes
16K-16 Laps - All other skill and age divisions, Aprox. 20 minutes
Race length is based on time. All cyclists in all categories will finish on the same lap as the leader of the race. Riders out of contention may be pulled. Pulled riders will have their times/places pro-rated based on how many laps they completed.
Course: 1.3 K per lap.
Prime laps: Each race will have prime laps. Prizes will be awarded for each age grooup. Prime laps are announced wihile the race is in progress by ringing a bell. Primes are presented after each category finishes.
Awards will be presented after each race. 
There will be a wheel pit. You must furnish your own wheels. Wheel tags will be furnished.

Road Race
Date: Thursday, Oct. 12
Check-in begins: 8:00am 
All cyclists who do not have their race packet (race bibs) must check-in one hour prior to their race.
Time: 9:00 am race begins with 2 minute intervals for each Division
 A cycling committee member and support vehicle will follow on course to monitor race groups. Individual support vehicles are NOT permitted. A rider will be subject to disqualification if identified with an unauthorized support vehicle.
Cyclists must stay on the right side of the road, specifically, as far to the right side of the road as possible. All courses are open to public traffic and all state and federal laws must be obeyed. You will be sharing the road with traffic, so exercise caution. Stay alert and obey the laws of Utah.
Please note that this is open road, and as such will have loose rocks, potholes, cracks, storm drains, and normal roadway conditions. Use your best common sense and awareness to mitigate any obstacles. Cattle guards and storm drains may not be covered. This is a road race and the road hazards are part of it. On and off ramps may be used to divert racers around one lane bridges. Advance warning signs will be placed before major turns and turnarounds.
Venues: 60 Babylon Mill Rd, Leeds, UT 84746 Starts and ends in Leeds
The finish line for all riders is in Leeds. Please yell out your number as you cross the finish line, then move to the right of rhe road so as not to hinder sprinting cyclists finishing the race.
2 Laps - Division I: Male and Female 50-59
1 Lap - All other skill and age divisions
Distance: 43K per lap.
Two water bottles are recommended. Wheel support will be available during the Road Race. You must furnish your own wheels. Wheel tags will be furnished by the Cycling Committee by 7:30am. Weather conditions such as high winds may be present, race accordingly. A sweep will follow the last rider.

Time Trial 20K
Parking will only be allowed north of the westbound exit ramp of the southern Parkway so cars will be clear of the race course. Please stay on paved road and sidewalk. Keep off the "dirt area." 

Date: Friday, Oct. 13
Check In: 7:45
All cyclists who do not have their race packet (race bibs) must check-in one hour prior to their race.
First Call: 8:45 Race Start and Finish by Desert Color Clubhouse. Traffic control will be provided, but be alert, as there will be traffic on the left side of the course.
Time: 9:00 am First Call starts
Order of Starts: M65+ Division I & II, M 50+ Division III & IV, W 55+ Division I, W 50+ Division II, III, IV, All Recumbents, M 50-64 Division I & II, W 50-54 Division I
Riders will leave at 30 Second Intervals. Be prepared to line up 5 minutes before your time. Late Starts are handled in accordance with USA Cycling rules: "If a rider appears later than the appointed starting time, the start will be allowed only if it does not interfere with the riders starting on schedule. In case of a late start, the appointed start time shall be used in computing the results.
Always stay near the right shoulder. Road will be open to traffic on the left. Time Trial is an out and back race. Aero Bars or equivalent and wheel covers are permitted.
11:00: First Awards Ceremony. Award light lunch will be provided at noon.
12:30: Second Awards Ceremony. If we finish earlier than expected awards Ceremony will start earlier
End: Aprox 2pm
There will be a racer bag drop available. Bag Drop will be at the starting line. Race garments and Nutrition are the only allowable bag drop components allowed. The bin will be at the start line.
Venue: 820 W. Akoya Pearl, St. George, UT 84790 
Distance: 20K – All skills and age divisions. Course is not certified. 
Course: Begins and ends at Desert Color. Cylists will travel on SR-7 highway for the majority of the ride.
Complimentary water and light refreshments will be available at the check-in & finish line, only.

Self Guided Bike Tour - Started EVENT in 2022 
For all bike enthusiasts, racers or non-racers, e-bikes, recumbents, ellipticals, etc. This event is one to bring your whole biking family along. 

This untimed, non-competitive tour will take you through and around some of the area’s best multi-use paths and scenic routes, covering over 50+ gorgeous miles over the course of the Huntsman World Senior Games. Ride at your own pace.  There will be multiple legs and destinations with photo ops along the way. 

How the Bike Tour Works:
Get registered online or at the Outta Her eBikes and Zion Cycles booth in the Dixie Center.
Near packet pickup you will be given the maps and all instructions.
You have the duration of the entire Gamesto complete the course, over multiple days if desired.
A card punch will be available at midway destination on each of the tour legs.
Take Selfies along the way.

Bring your card back to the Outta Here eBikes and Zion Cycles booth to receive your prize.. Ride 4 different Tours to get a GOLD Medal.

You won’t regret joining this adventure. There will be a chance to use your selfie photos to win even more prizes. All routes start and end at Confluence Park next to the Convention Center.

E-Bikes are permitted for this event and available for rent at the Dixie Convention Center and in town.  Both pedal assist and Class 1 Throttle bikes are available to use during this event. Any bike is permissible to use.

For more information visit the Bike Tour page.

• Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and 4th, 5th and 6th place ribbons will be awarded for each age and division following each event.
• Overall Awards will be presented to Overall Winners in each Age Division and each Skill Division as follows:
Skill Division I - Huntsman World Senior Games Overall Cycling Jersey
Skill Division II - Winner’s Long Sleeve Shirt
Skill Division III - Winner’s Short Sleeve Shirt
Skill Division IV - Medals but No Shirt

Participants must enter a minimum of three events (excluding the Bike Tour) to qualify for “overall” awards.
• Athletes in the Recumbent Division will not be eligible for "overall" awards.