DIRECTORS: Sharon Brasel, Valerie Ruter

ASSISTANTS: Lou Ruter, Tom Harrison, Jerry Brasel, John Carr, Pat Moseman, Barb Orr

COVID19 POLICY: Please refer to our COVID19 policy by clicking here

EVENTS: Singles, Doubles, 4-Person Teams
4-Person Teams are Mixed/Match teams with no age Divisions.

Practice: Oct. 10 - Sunday 1-3pm Sun River Bocce
Play: Monday, Oct. 11 - Saturday, Oct. 16

  • Each event is 2 days with 2 sessions each day.
  • Each Day: Session A: 8am - 12pm Play starts at 8am sharp
                    Session B: 1pm - 5pm. Play starts at 1pm sharp.
  • Each event: first day each team plays 5 games; second day, each team plays 4 games.
  • Arriving early? For practice times, call Lou Ruter at +1(513)313-0108


SPORT SOCIAL: In an effort to keep our athletes, volunteers, staff and community safe and due to a lack of venue space for social distancing, the Games has made the difficult decision to forgo sport socials this year. Instead, you will receive a second dinner ticket that can be redeemed at any of our partner restaurants. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time. We sincerely hope that you will take advantage of the dinner tickets and enjoy some meals with your friends.

Sun River Bocce, 4275 South Country Club Drive, St. George (4 courts)

•Singles, Doubles, 4-Person Teams: Mixed / Matched - no age division. Divisions are subject to change based on the number of entries

SPORT FEE: $12 Per Event

Early Bird Deadline (Save $20) – August 1
Final Registration Deadline – September 1


  • If you need a partner in the Doubles or 4-Person Team event, check PartnerFinder on the home page for a listing, by sport, of individuals looking for partners.
  • Tournament is open to any individual or group with basic knowledge of the United States Bocce Federation Rules of play and reasonable competitive experience.
  • Scheduling allows participants to play in any and all events. 24 team limit for 4-Person Teams, 24 team limit for Doubles, 48 team limit for Singles (Singles is considered a 1-person team.)


  • Format will be a round robin.
  • Participants must present their Huntsman World Senior Games ID Badge at the venue check-in on the first day of each event.
  • Fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled match time can be used as a warm up.
  • Tournament draws will be made approximately two weeks prior to The Games and will be available online.
  • Changes in partners after September 1 are subject to approval by Directors.
  • 4-Person Teams play two teammates at each end of court and roll 2 balls each; Doubles play with one teammate at each end of the court and roll 4 balls each; Singles play opponent on same end of court and roll 4 balls each.
  • Court monitors will be present for all games. In case of a dispute, court monitors will make the final decision.
  • One set of bocce balls and one measuring device will be provided per court.
  • Any team 15 minutes late will forfeit the game.
  • Each team will have a captain. The captain will appoint an End Captain for the opposite end of the courts. Captains/end captains will do the measuring when necessary.
  • No lofting shots above shoulders are allowed for safety reasons.
  • Courts are artificial turf and pad on cement surface.
  • Score cards will be handed in to the official scorekeeper at the end of each game with the winning team points and losing team points.
  • Please see USBF rules used for these events at the bottom of the bocce section.


Please check in 30 minutes early. At check-in, team captains will receive team’s schedule showing session and venue location.
4-Person Teams: Monday - Tuesday, October 11 - 12:
     Session A play starts at 8:00am (8 teams max) at both the SunRiver and The Villas venues
     Session B play starts at 1pm (8 teams max) at both the SunRiver and The Villas venues
Doubles: Wednesday - Thursday, Oct. 13 - 14:
     Session A play starts at 8:00am (8 teams max) at both the SunRiver and The Villas venues
     Session B play starts at 1pm (8 teams max) at both the SunRiver and The Villas venues
Singles: Friday - Saturday, Oct. 15- 16:
     Session A play starts at 8:00am (16 teams max) at both the SunRiver and The Villas venues
     Session B play starts at 1pm (24 teams max) at both the SunRiver and The Villas venues

Note:  Scheduling allows participants to play in all events.

MEDALS: Winners will be determined first by games won, and, in case of a tie, by total points. If there is still a tie, one game to 10 points will be played. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the top finishers at the end of each event.

Hosted by: The SunRiver Bocce Club
Sunday, October 10 – 5:00 pm – SunRiver Community Center, 4275 South Country Club Drive, St. George
This is a catered event. SunRiver and St. George local players will treat out of town players as guests of the locals. Please wear Huntsman ID badge. Spouses welcome for 10.00



  • With single person teams, opponents will be at the same end, rolling 4 balls each. At the opposite end, two more single opponents will play each other and will roll 4 balls each.  
  • 2-person teams will be played with 1 person at each end of the court playing 4 balls each.
  • 4-person teams will be played with 2 members of the team at each end of the court playing 2 balls each.

Foul Lines

  • In Sun River & The Villas, the foul line is 9 feet from the back wall.
  • Players may step on but not have their foot completely over the foul line before releasing the pallino or the bocce ball.
  • No player is allowed on the court in front of the foul lines when balls are being thrown. Only those two players designated to call points at the opposite end may enter the court between throws or after all balls are thrown for the purpose of measurement or calling points.

Starting the Game!

Begin the game with a flip of a coin between the captains of each team.  The winner of the coin flip will determine the end from which play will start and also has control of the pallino. The losing team chooses the color of the balls it wants to use.  The coin toss winner throws the pallino.

  • Throw is valid if the pallino passes over the center line and does not touch the back wall on the opposite end.
  • If the player fails to place the pallino in the valid area, the opposing team will put the pallino in play.
  • If both players fail, the pallino returns to the original team for an additional attempt. This alternating process continues until the pallino is in a valid position.
  • The team that originally tossed the pallino will play the first ball.

 The Game!

  • When balls are being thrown, all players should be off the court unless he/she is the next to The player waiting to throw should remain behind the thrower and out of the way.
  • The first ball may be rolled by ANY member of the team that originally threw the pallino… winners of the coin toss or the previous frame.  Should the rolled ball hit the backboard without touching the pallino, it is a dead ball and is removed from the court.
  • The same team must throw again and continue rolling until a valid point is established.
  • Once the point is established, the opposing team must roll until they make a new point (rolling a ball closer to the pallino than the team that threw the first valid ball).
  • If a player plays the wrong color ball, simply replace it with the correct color when it comes to rest. Play continues.
  • If a player rolls out of turn or plays more balls than allowed, the opposing team has two options: Leave all balls as they rest, OR, remove the illegally thrown ball from play and return all other ball/s to their previous position/s.
  • Players may use side boards at any time.
  • Balls can be measured at any time, and, in case of doubt, an official referee or tournament official should be called. However, with respect for time, if balls of opposing teams’ ball are too close to call, the last person to roll the ball should roll again.
  • In the event a tie is determined, the last team to roll a ball must roll again until the tie is broken.
  • If after all balls are played there is still a tie, no points are awarded and play resumes with the team last scoring tossing the pallino from the opposite end of the court.
  • In the event a ball/balls is/are moved during a measurement by an official, the balls are returned to approximate positions and the official will still make the call. If, however, a member of a team currently playing measures and moves a ball, the point is awarded to the opposing team.  In any case, the decision of a referee or official is final.
  • Only one person from each team, at the opposite end of the court from play, is allowed on the court to measure. Other players need to remain at their respective end of the court.


  • If a ball hits the backboard without first touching another ball or the pallino, it is a dead ball and removed from the court. The same person throws again until a valid point is established.
  • If a ball is rolled, hits the backboard illegally and then strikes a stationary ball(s), the rolled ball is removed from the court and the stationary ball/s is/are placed in their approximate original position/s.
  • The pallino is always a valid target and remains in play even if it strikes the back wall after being struck by any valid ball during a frame. If, however, the pallino is knocked out of the court or bounces back in front of the center line, the frame is considered void and the team that started the frame will begin again at the opposite end of the court.
  • In the event ball/s resting against the backboard are moved as a result of a valid shot, they remain in their new position. If, however, they move as a result of an invalid shot, they are returned to their approximate original positions.


  • Only one team scores in a frame (unless there is a tie…then no points are awarded).
  • Games are played to 12 points, or 40 minutes. Whichever comes first. 
  • Tournament directors can decide any variation to game points but should do so prior to the start of the event.

Illegal movement of balls or the pallino

  • Players should never touch or move any ball or the pallino until the frame has ended. If a player moves a ball prior to the end of a frame (thinking play is over) and the balls cannot be accurately relocated to their positions, all remaining non-thrown balls of the non-offending team are counted as points. All non-thrown balls of the offending team are voided and the frame is over.

Shooting and Pointing

  • All balls may be rolled or slightly lofted balls are  allowed on SunRiver/The Villas courts. No balls should be lofted higher than the shoulders for safety reasons.
  • If a player commits a foot foul while in the act of shooting, a warning is issued for the first offense. Should the same player foul again, the thrown ball is removed from play and all struck balls are returned to their approximate original positions.  USBF Note: Unless there is a referee on the court, this would be a very difficult rule to enforce  and should be addressed by the tournament director before the tournament begins.

Late arrivals, substitutions, delays, etc.

  • A team not present within 15 minutes of a scheduled start time of the game will forfeit the game.
  • In a tournament where substitutes are allowed, a team may substitute only once during a game, and it must be announced to the opposing team before the start of the next frame. A substituted player may not return to that game.
  • If a player(s) arrive(s) late, the game will start with that team playing shorthanded and minus the appropriate number of balls. A player may then enter a game at the “shorthanded” end after the frame is completed. In the event a player must leave a game in progress, an alternate may enter at the end of a frame, and the player who leaves cannot return for the remainder of the game.  If no alternate is available, the game continues with that team playing shorthanded and minus the appropriate number of balls.

Repeated “conferences” during a frame causing delays in the game are discouraged.  If delays continue, the offended team captain should notify an official.If an official issues a one-minute warning and delays continue, one of the player’s balls will be removed from the court.