Ed Eliason, Richard Fristoe and Mel Langness

Gayle Fristoe

Thursday, Oct. 10 - 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (9:45 am - Archers proceed to assigned targets for 10:00 am start) Games ID badge required
Friday, Oct. 11 - 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (9:45 am - Archers proceed to assigned targets for 10:00 am start) Games ID badge required

SPORT SOCIAL: (ID Badge or Ticket Required)
Date: Friday, Oct. 11
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Washington City Community Center, 350 North Community Center Dr., Washington (North side of the building)

Southern Utah Shooting Sports Park, 5650 West 700 South, Hurricane
Open Saturday, October 5, at 10:00 am to practice

DIVISIONS: 5- Year Age Brackets - 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+, 80+, 85+, 90+, 95+, 100+
Games officials reserve the right to cancel any event or combine age divisions due to insufficient entries.

SPORT FEE:  $30 Per Person

Early Bird Deadline (Save $20) – August 1
Final Registration Deadline – September 1

• Participation will be limited to the first 112 Athletes.
• Archers may compete in one of the following classes:

Barebow Recurve - Only one knock on a bow string, No sight devices or stabilizers, No adjustable arrow rests, Wood or other arrows acceptable.

Barebow Compound - No sights, finger release and stabilizers.  One consistent nocking point. Use of stabilizers shall be permitted. An adjustable arrow plate may be used provided it does not extend more than 1/4' above the arrow. Only one adjustable draw check and level mounted on the bow, neither of which may extend above the arrow and a mechanical type arrow rest and cusion plunger are permitted

Freestyle - Release aid, any type of sight/scope and stabilizer

Freestyle Bowhunter* - Release aid, sight with maximum of 5 fixed reference points, 12" stabilizer. Only one Anchor point is permitted

Freestyle Limited Bowhunter - Recurve bow, release aid, sight with maximum of 5 fixed reference points, 12" stabilizer. Only one Anchor point is permitted

Freestyle Limited Recurve - Finger release, sights without magnification.  String peep sights are not allowed (World Archery rules)

Freestyle Limited* - Finger release, any type of sight/scope and stabilizer

Longbow - Only one knock on a bow string, Reflex/Deflex longbow or straight longbow, No sight devices or stabilizers, Wood Arrows only (over 30" draw exempt)

* May use either a recurve or compound bow. Freestyle Limited Recurve will follow World Archery rules.  All other classes will follow NFAA rules

• NFAA Rules will be used as a guideline
• After assuming their shooting position at the stake, 2 minutes are allowed to shoot one(1) arrow
• Freestyle Limited Recurve will follow World Archery Rules
• Archers must provide their own bows and target arrows
• Closed-toe shoes are required
• Archers will shoot 56 total shots each day - 28 in the morning; 28 in the afternoon
• Archers will take two shots at two targets at 14 locations in the morning and 14 in the afternoon
• Distance to targets will not exceed 45 yards
• Distance to targets will be marked at each location
• Distance to targets will be unmarked for Traditional events
• Size of targets will range between a jackalope and a caribou
• Ring scoring will be used - 10 / 8 / 5 / Animal
• Arrows passing through the face, but still in the target, will be pushed back and scored
• Any arrows deflected by a foreign object or miss fired will be scored where it lies
• Any arrow embedded in the nock of another arrow (generally known as a "Robin Hood") will be scored the same as the arrow it struck and skewered, even if it falls to the ground and not in the said target. A witnessed bounce out shall be re-shot
• An archer declaring equipment failure, verified by the group, may leave the range to report to an official. Upon reporting to an official, the archer will then have forty-five minutes (45) to make the necessary repairs or replacement and re-sight the repaired equipment
• The maximum draw weight of a bow shall not exceed sixty (60) pounds
• Each archer will shoot their arrows with one foot touching the appropriate stake for the division and event in which they are registered
• Score callers will judge and score each arrow and call out the results to the scorekeepers. This will be recorded on the respective shooters scorecard. Running scores can be checked during the progression of the round to eliminate errors
• Participants must complete events to earn a medal
• The Director of shooting shall be advised if an archer, when drawing back the string of his bow uses any technique which, in the opinion of the judges, could allow the arrow, if accidentally released, to fly beyond a safety zone. If the archer persists in using such a technique, he shall, in the interest of safety, be asked by the Games Director or DOS to stop shooting immediately and to leave the field. Archers must draw back with the arrow pointed at the target, not at the sky

Additional Information:
Lunch, soda and water will be available for a reasonable fee

In each class and age division, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the top three scores.  There will be no tie-breakers.  When ties exist, both archers will be given identical medals.  Medals will be awarded at the Sport Social.