By Derek Campbell, CFO/COO

Heel-toe heel-toe has always been followed by a dosey-doe for me. However, in our most recent staff experience the heel-toe came after “on your marks, get set, GO!”

Atop the old airport bluff overlooking the vast, varied and scenic views of St. George we learned how to Powerwalk from the veritable experts in the field. Kathy & Norm Frable and Marianne & Doug Hamilton taught the Huntsman World Senior Games staff how to powerwalk with poise and proper form. Our 1500 meter experience was very similar to what our athletes experience with judges, timers, lap counters and don’t forget the fun.

Recently I decided to be healthier and more active. I have been running, swimming and mountain biking, eating healthy and consequently shed a little weight. I had been told that power walking was just “walking as fast as you can” so I thought this staff experience would be no big deal. I am here to tell you that power walking is a big deal and is really a lot of fun. Although it is essentially walking as fast as you can and there are a few small rules (like don’t run), it is extremely challenging. You use muscles that don’t get worked while running and walking as fast as you can while not running, especially while you are trying to catch someone, takes a lot of focus.

It was fun to cheer each other on and just as much fun to race one another. You can take the sport as serious as you want and make this an active part of your life. There are powerwalk athletes of all ages, sizes and speeds. If you can walk, you can powerwalk.

While I didn’t quite catch the winner of today’s race, I caught a new appreciation for a sport that is social, simple and challenging. Today I challenged myself and my team. When I am 50 years old I will challenge the world.


Powerwalking 1

Powerwalking 2

Power walking 3

Power walking 4

Power wwalking