By Derek Campbell, Huntsman World Senior Games CFO

The Hunsman World Senior Games staff went on a hike the other day to the Vortex in Gunlock, Utah. Everyone laced up their shoes and we hit the trail. The scenery was so beautiful! We have had some warmly welcomed rain this spring so flowers were blossoming, a rare dessert stream was spanning the canyon floor and pools of water collected in all of the many sandstone bowls along the way.

The trail presented some obstacles but we advanced through as a team. Michelle, our resident expert hiking guide, helped show us the way and also taught us how to scramble around the sandstone. The peak of our hike was inspiring and the vortex was thought provoking. We are truly lucky to live in southern Utah and enjoy this part of the world. I was happy to see everyone helping and encouraging each other—hiking with our team was awesome. It is amazing that I get to call this "work."

If you want to experience the same hike, we have added the Vortex to our walking tours lineup this year. Check it out and join us in October.

Team Hike