Board of Trustees

  • Douglas Labrum
  • John B. Romney
    Vice President
  • Kathie Thayne
    Vice President
  • Nancy Colarossi
  • Steve Radmall
  • Kyle Case
  • Dick Nourse
  • John Wunderli
  • Shelley Osterloh Young

  • Christena Huntsman Durham
  • Ken Beazer
  • Dan Needy

Board of Trustees Emeritus

  • Floyd Cooper
  • Jake Garn
  • Mona Given

Administrative Staff

  • Kyle Case
  • Derek Campbell
    CFO, COO
  • J. "Rosey" Rosander
    Director of Sports
  • Jeff Harding
    Director of Operations
  • Lil Barron
    Director of Sponsor Relations
  • Jan Bunker
    Office Manager
  • Bonnie Kabey
    Office Assistant
  • Lorie Swaydan
    Office Assistant
  • JoAnn Graf
    Office Assistant
  • Leslie Jack
    Office Assistant

Special Appointments

  • Dewei Tang
    Official Ambassador to China
To contact any of the above personnel
please call 1-800-562-1268, or e-mail at